Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pirate Day ...

It was Pirate Day at school on Wednesday, So here is my pirate. He wouldnt wear the earing as "it hurt" ...doesnt he know that looking good sometimes hurts. :-)

He had a fun day, with loads of pirate themed activities, the best part was eating the choclate truffles they made on Monday.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Look what happens at nana's

Its the end of the school holidays today and have a relaxing time at home. the weather hasnt been the best with rain and gale force winds, but we amused ourselves. went and saw Kung fu panda, shopped a few days , had milkshakes and donuts, and had friends over for plays. Lots of games on the PS2 and Nintendo DS's.

Madeline loves pyjama days...where you get to wear jammies all day ....I like them too but can guarantee that someone will call over for coffee and i'm still in my jammies at 2pm.

Today was one of those days mum - nana had them for the day, i was working. I drop them over to her at 7.30am in their jammies, have bacon and eggs cooked for me for breakfast, then I head to work. Mum gives them breakfast and then they do whatever. Mum brought them back home and when I arrived at 5.30 tonight Madeline was still in her jammies. She had a wonderful day i was told, she watched Bewitched all day as well ...the old t.v series she loves. what a day !

A few weeks ago they had a day off school so mum looked after them, what would we do without mums ....well you might think again after seeing Sebastian :-)

I take them over in their jammies and I bring them a change of clothes, when I get to mums after work she has given them a shower and they have their jammies on and mum has tea for us.

This night I turn up and am greated by my son - Sebastian 7yrs old, prancing around with a pair of his undies on his head - they were clean ones and he wasnt wearing any !

Beautiful blue eyeshadow, and bright red lipstick , his top tucked up and two pieces of plastic fruit for boobs ......nana dressed him up and he loved it. What a pretty boy !!

The photo is a bit fuzzy as I only had my phone to take a photo ....what will he think when I enlarge it for his 21st ????

Thursday, July 3, 2008

They were meant to pick a colour .....

We are painting the study, and Jon was to fill in all the picture holes and pick a colour, I couldnt decide.

I was at work and this is what I came home too ....they had fun. Just hope the new colour goes over the bat sign and heart !!