Saturday, August 7, 2010

A day out ...

to see Jessica Watson speak and sign Madelines book..
We only had to go to Bendigo ...
so left at 7am, got there by 9.30, had a wander around the shops...
found a cake decorating shop - the shop next more was more exciting
tattoo and body piercing LOL
the cake shop was dirty, smelly, and had nothing - no idea how they keep in business
apart from hiring out their tins.
Then to see Jessica speak..front row seats and couldnt use the flash on
my camera so the photos are dark and not the best ..
She is a very confident 17yr old, and had a dream and went for it.
I hope one Madeline & Sebastian will too ..

Madeline was so happy
as she signed her book and photo ...

Jessica Watson

After we finished, we decided to drive thru Castlemaine..
and onto Daylesford for lunch.
On the way spotted this
Chocolate mill.
well I had to stop ....really I did !!

Oh how I wish i could stick my finger in this bowl ....LOL

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've got the knitting bug ...

And I dont knit that could be a problem !!
But I did attempt and finish a plain scarf to know I can knit..
then went to Morris & Sons in Melbourne
yesterday - this place has the most beautiful wool you could go or would go crazy over.
you would want it all..and thats from a non knitter :-)
This scarf took my eye, and it is an easy pattern , so going to have a go.
I have 2 wonderful besties -Coral & Lissy, who I can txt/email/scream to for help
if I get stuck ...
so will see how I go ...
the pattern is "susi swirls" and the colour is "fruit and nut" ..
the picture does'nt show the
dark purple / egg plant colour in it as well
Wish there was more of the brighter colours
in this wool. But I like it ..