Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2010 ...

What a year 2010 has been.
We started the year with a dream come true for me..
A trip the the USA and Disneyland.
I have wanted to ride in the pink tea cup
on the tea cup ride at Disneyland since i was about 9, and
i finally did it ...
Madeline finished grade 6, now into high School.
Sebastian has done really well with his soccer.
i have continued to work..only if tattslotto would come my way,
we could travel more, the kids have the travel bug now too.
We have all been very healtyh and happy..which is the main thing
i wish for.
So again that is my wish for 2011.
health & happiness for us all..and all you too.
Happy New Year friends xxx

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 ..

Christmas starts with everyone coming up
Christmas Eve for tea, and some sleep over.
We have a BBQ and then we have the Crappy ..whoops ...
$2 Santa presents ...

The $2 Santa arrives ...
The $2 Santa attempts to sit ....

Our table ready for Christmas lunch
for 13

A family photo ...

the kids ...

Knox watching the backyard
cricket and commenting about the
Me with Santa ..

My present ...and it was empty..
told you it was a Crappy Santa
present hehehe ..
The presents and awaiting Santa to arrive with
his/hers ...

Santa presents for Madeline
& Milo

Sebs ....

Mads bike...a bit hard for Santa to wrap ..

Sebs most favourite present..even thought the face doesnt
show it..his
Ipod touch ..
Mad with her disco ball.
oh its going to be fun in her room ..

some of the mess Christmas morning..
it got worse ...

everyone enjoying lunch

My 2 most favourite people ..
Boxing Day ....

A tradition that has been going for about 20 years
is we get the Party Poppers and put a lolly -
strawberry & cream onto the end and fire/pop it.
The lolly goes flying ....
We used to fire it and try and aim for the inside of the
Bon Bon hat my uncle would wear..
then it went further ...
to one person popping and the other trying to catch the lolly
in their mouth on the other end of the room
.... so safe and responsible ...NOT !!
this is my brother with his "design"
a 100 party popper contraption ...
he worked on it and surprised us..
surprised that he even thought of it ...hahahaha ..
A fire ready to happen, the fire extinguisher was ready ....
we pop about 400 poppers ....
this is the mess afterwards ....

Next year is the plan to design
a 150 party popper holder thingy ...
and we have had a few catch the lollies ...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

last finish of 2010

finished last night
December 20th 2010
LK Dog Lessons

Monday, December 20, 2010

oops forgot a photo of ...

The Santa convention - as they called themselves..
all shapes size genders of Santa's ...

By time I took my photo, some of them had come to get their cameras

from me so are not in the photo :-(

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Madelines belated birthday present -Mary Poppins tickets

We invited 2 of Madelines friends along
to help her celebrate her birthday.
even though it was nearly a month later.
We caught the train up, went and saw the Myer Christmas windows, ,
got a horse drawn carraige ride around the city,
Pancake palour for tea.
Mary Poppins
then a white stretch Limo home ..
It was a fantastic day.
enjoyed by everyone ...

we were heading to Fedeation Square
and we ran into a flock of Santas..what do you actually call heaps of Santas??
all shapes sizes and
genders, they asked us to take a photo of them
think i had 8 cameras at one stage
and then the asked the girls to join them ..

Seb was quite comfortable
in the limo..said he could get used to it, and he loved the t.v's in the back.

me pretending to drink chamapgne
Seb took the photo and in an uncomfortable position
so not a good photo ...
Finally home and Mad getting out the limo