Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A finish ...almost and new project

I just have to add the beads on the "merry christmas" and then its off to the framer ready for Christmas 2008. It should have been ready for 2007 ....but ....

Then going to start "Puppy dog row" by Bent Creek.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our holiday ....

Well we are back from our fantastic holiday to Queensland. A bit of a hiccup to start with. Our plane was meant to leave at 6.55am but due to really bad fog - never seen anything like it, then having a plane but no crew ...we flew out at 2.30pm, arriving around 5pm. so a day gone. But we made up for it.

we went to Movie world 2 full days and 3 half days, that was our favourite and the kids just loved it. They went on so many scary rides. I ended up going on the batman spaceshot ...twice. after seeing younger kids doing it I thought I really can do it. well you fly and mean fly up 60 metres and then drop ...Madeline & Sebastian were with me waving their arms about, pointing to our car ..me I just hung on and dont remember seeing anything cause my eyes were shut !

Seb wore his Green Lantern costume on the 2nd day and the the last day we were there. The "Real" green lantern was very impressed with him and spoke to him at great length and also arranged to meet him later. On the last day we saw him again and by the end everyone knew him and were talking about him. even when Scooby and Shaggy went passed in the van, Shaggy yelled out " hey Sebastian, see you later". we hadnt even seen shaggy by then, and one of the photographers said all Green Lantern was talking about was Seb. So that was very special to Seb. On the last day Mad & Seb got picked to open up Movie world for the day, and were ther with all the characters, got their photo taken and appeared on the big screen.

we went to Sea world for 2 full days, 1st day the kids swam with the dolphins and had a blast. got their photo taken
with them. We also went on heaps of rides and saw the dolphin, seal and waterski shows.

1 day at Dreamworld with more rides, they would get off at the exit and run around to the entrance if they liked the ride, which was 99% of the time. We also went to see the Big Brother house, but since its on now we couldn't go, but did see the stage where they film the Friday Night Live and eviction shows. Also went to the BB shop and had our photo taken in the diary chair. After we left we thought we would see if we could get tickets to FNL that night, by pure luck they had 6 left so we went. we didnt have time to go back to the apartment to change so quickly went to a target and brought an "ironman - superhero" costume for Seb and clothes for Mad. It was superhero night.

we sat in the front row and Seb was on stage during the breaks with Fitzy and Mike doing superhero stuff ..he also won 2 drink bottles. That was a great night ...expensive by time we got tickets and new clothes, but worth it.

On the Sat we went to Gympie on the way stopping of at the eumundi market and stayed with Debbie ( cousin ) and all went to Aust Zoo on the Sunday, as we were walking out of the shop we saw Bindi Irwin, she spoke to Mad for about 10 minutes then she did of photo with both of them. we also got the chance to feed the elephants...

3 half days at Wet 'n' wild, more rides and slides and the wave pool. It gets very tiring climbing the stairs to all the rides - me I just sat and watched ...took photos. After lunch we went back to Movie World.

Our flight home was also delayed an hour, so by time we got the luggage and car and drove another hour, we were finally in bed at 2.30am Sat morning.

Our holiday is now over, stuffed toys, t-shirts, souveniers, photos and memories galore ...

photos # 1

1 - Mad swimming with the dolphins, Sea World
2 - Mad with her favourite character Tweety, Movie World
3 - Seb with his favourite character Green Lantern, Movie World
4 - both enjoying one of the water slides, Wet 'n' wild
5 - Me, Mad & Seb with my favourite Sylvester, Movie World

Photos # 2

1 - Madeline, Sebastian with Bindi Irwin, Australia Zoo.
2 - Mad & Seb with Fitzy from Big Brother Friday Night Live, Dreamworld
3 - Seb feeding elephant, Aust Zoo
4 - Mad feeding elephant, Aust Zoo
5 - Seb swimming with the dolphins, Sea World

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jasper 16/03/1991 - 05/06/2008

Our beloved dog and companion for 17 years passed away while we were away. My mum was "dog sitting" him , we knew the day was coming too quickly and he wasnt well. Mum had given him a dinner of sausages and vegetables ( turned his nose up at tin food ! ) then she thought he would like a small bit of ice-cream - he loved it.

Later that night he curled up on mums knee and passed peacefully. It was so sad and the children are handling it well. we think it was better we were away as they didnt have to see him go .... both are still teary.

We got home at 2.30am this morning and they wanted to go outside and see his grave - a bit dark so we suggested in the morning when they wake up.

Mum had brought a small flowering plant for him and also put a cup where we can place flowers and a jar with a beautiful poem in it . The children thought that was wonderful.

Sleep peacefully Per, we love you xxxxxxxx

Monday, June 2, 2008

1 more sleep ...

1 more sleep till we fly out at 6.55am to Queensland ...beautiful one day ....raining for the next 3 days !!

It better stop before we get there, thats all i can say.

We are going to Movie world to see Batman and Green Lantern - Sebastians friends, Madeline meets tweety every time.

Sea world where both are swimming with the dolphins, which should be fantastic and hopefully get some great photos.

Wet n Wild - were they get wet n wild ! - we have a 14 day pass for these 3 theme parks....

Dream world - hoping to get tickets to FNL, but I doubt it, we dont watch Big Brother but we like the Friday night games ...I'm sure we will come away with a BB mug or something.

Then lastly Australia Zoo - we went 4 years ago and were so lucky to actually see Steve Irwin - haves heaps of photos and video of him. So it will be interesting to see it now.

I will try and post some photos while we are away ..other wise I will when we get back on the 13th.

Lee-Ann xxxx