Sunday, May 27, 2012


To all that asked about my wrist... It's much better , but still tender in the joint. I still have no idea what I would think I would..but no...
So wondering if I did something while sleeping...who

Also the flu is finally leaving my body..except for the stupid cough... I even relented and got cough medicine..choc cherry flavor... My #%!!....

I have now started at the new job, and thinking ..what have i done.. In a Good way..but when will I get to cook & stitch - doing what i love..
So thinking I should find myself a hunky vacuum cleaner/shower cleaner /duster....

So any recommendations , photos, either email or txt... Lol

But somehow think I will be delegating more chores ..which comes with more pocket money to the kids , and things that can wait can... I'm here to enjoy it not stress about it... So if you come and visit and you see dust... Just ignore it
Or write....

???? Was here.... Lol

Lee-Ann xx

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mums 70th birthday ...

What a week its been ...busy and sick ...
Last Wednesday & Thursday I started a new
job..same company but not at the store supervising
or working nights & weekends, but at the Head Office
during the day ... I have been doing both
jobs for the last 2 weeks, training day here, day there ...
and yesterday was my last day at the store...
stocktaking of all things till 11pm ..

Last Thursday I wake up with the dreaded
sore throat which by Friday delveloped into
fevers, chills, coughing know..
the flu !!
I had also done something to my idea what ..

Friday was mums 70th Birthday and my brother, SIL
and us were having a party on the Sat night
for her for 35 ...

Friday we took her out for a nice lunch,
then I headed home to prepare..

Saturday morning I wake up to this

I still have no idea what I did ..but think I did a good job
of it  :-)
it was swollen, red & hot and very sore to move..
so after wrapping it up, taking any pain killer
I could find in the house.. which was
 good old nurofen -  for the wrist and flu ..
and now it was party day ..

We had part of it catered for, the other I cooked ..
all finger food .. it was such a  great night
and a great surprise to mum when 2 of our
cousins turned up from Queensland ..we knew they
were coming ..she didnt ...

We  hired a marquee, attached it to the pergola and an outdoor heater
and had it outside.
 Seb Mad & Tyler ..
 me, mum & chris
 mum and me
mum and mad ...

the cake turned out greast after
an emergency trip to the
supermarket for more chocolate
after the first lot of ganache
decided not to work a quick Help
call to Helen to tell me what I knew ..
it was turfed in the bin
and started again ..

I never get sick, but made a good job of it this time
I still have a sore wrist..but getting better
the flu or cough is still hanging on ...
and new job starts from tomorrow ..

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers Day

Is tomorrow, no idea what the kids are planning, but have been told
I can't go to the spare fridge in the garage... Ummmm I wonder
What's in there....
But do know we are having tea at my brothers with his in-laws and all of us.
Think 22 of us..and it's pizza...I just made a chocolate ripple cake..haven't
Had one of those in years...

I have been scanning slides & old photos for my mums 70th next weekend...ssshhh we are having a party....and loved these of me and her...

Lee-Ann xx

Friday, May 11, 2012

I knew it...

Wasn't daggy to stitch or people thinking its only for grandmas ..
There was a study done and the improves concentration levels, hand eye co-ordination, creates happiness and sense of achievement ...
This was in the Herald Sun last Sunday...

So all the stash I have and buy in the future is for my HEALTH.... Lol

Lee-Ann xx

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My gift certificate...

From Mad & Seb was used and the parcel arrived getting parcels..

Love LHN and love Christmas so I had to get this chart along with fabric & thread.

Also 3 extra pieces fabric for other LHN ornaments...

And finally I chose this...

I am going to change the initials, names & dates to Seb & Mad to remember their token of love...

Lee-Ann xx

Monday, May 7, 2012

Decorating bikkies..

With a Seb today. It's curriculum day so we played with icing. This is the first time for this recipe and technique.. I know next time what to change and do different..

Lee-Ann xx

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The X Factor

A friend was lucky enough to get 6 tickets
to the
Melbourne Auditions
today ..I dont watch the show
but thought the kids would like it.

We  - me Mad & Seb, Michele Ruby & Jed,
headed off on the 7.48am train to Melbourne,
we then headed to Hisense Arena.
we were in line  in the foyer by 9.40am...
and we waited..and waited...and waited...

lucky we had bottles water and snacks with us ..

Finally at 12 a "warm up guy" came out
and did his thing, then the Host
Luke Jacobz

 did some audience camera shots with us all..
we were right in front of him..the hair you
can see is Rubys ..
the boys were on camera quite a few times with
their dancing, so maybe we might
see them on t.v
After the filming done, we were let in..
BUT was a mistake ... 50 or so of us were
then stuck in the middle of the foyer again..
we waited ..and waited ...again ..
this time we were close to the toilets
and able to go buy a $4.90 bucket of chips !!
finally at 1.30 were finally got seated ...
the show started at 2pm ...
no photos allowed inside but got these few ..

some very strange, weird and talented singers
in the auditions ..
Saw Mel B - Scary Spice, Guy Sebastian, Natalie Bassingthwaighte
& Ronan Keating as judges ..
We left at 5.30 , it was still going but we needed
to get home..
which we did at 8.40pm ..
long but good day out ...