Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Now..its beginning to look alot like..


 Isn't he cute ...
 our tree ...
 we seem to have clumps of
tinsel & decorations
in spots, but im not
changing it as this
is the way Seb & Mad
did it ...
 Love my decorations ...
 This is my most favourite
one of all, the little santa.
he takes pride & place
in the centre of the tree
every year.
It was my dads, and mUst be over
60 years old.
I must ask my mum how old ..
 this is now my handmade tree
things I have made, and what
the kids have made to,
and you cant see them  :-(
must take another photo
 and of course no christmas
is complete without
decorations made of

Monday, November 28, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like ..



I have put up the kids stockings and other
bits & pieces on the dresser,
and the tree up ...and this
is how far I got.
I need to fan out the branches, and I hate that job.
I  have 2 suckers..
whoops kids I can hopefully  bribe to do that ..
and then I need the ladder to put on the star
and lights,then i can do the decorations.
ahhh ..the problem of having a tall tree...
its not because i'm short  lol

Sunday, November 27, 2011

birthday cake #2 and party...

 Mad wanted the big cupcake again
black & white this time..
choc mud cake inside..
 we did a black & white theme ...
 the non alcohlic punch,
which i knew i should have spiked with sleeping tablets
after finally getting to sleep at 2.30am   :-)

 the birthday girl ..
 we played silly games
inbetween them having the music blarring
and dancing ..
one was a piece of bubble gum on the bottom
of  a plate, then covered in
whipped cream - we got the tin stuff ..
they then had to find the gum, and 1st to blow
a bubble won..
between the giggles and cream everywhere
they had a great time

the 13th birthday celebrations
are almost over.
5 still here waiting to be picked up
after breakfast of
pancakes with ice cream, fresh strawberries, maple syrup
and choc or strawberry Big M's..

I think she had a great 2 days ...

next .....
the christmas tree to go up

Friday, November 25, 2011

birthday cake time ....

nanna's cream jelly sponge.

we have a teenager in the house ....

my beautiful girl is
13 ....

 up at 6.30am and with help of Milo
we had presents ...
 the usual funky jammies, undies - bonds of course
Wii Just dance 3 - which i cant wait to play
and a little heart ring
family tea tonight before she heads
out to a school disco.
then a pizza party for 11 tomorrow night
and 5 sleeping over....
she wants a fruit punch - non alcoholic of course, think i
might need to keep a cup or 2 aside and spike mine ..
her dad manages a corporate furniture hire company
so he is bringing home back & white
funky furniture and curtains..
so yesterday i spent the day moving
furniture & cleaning

Sunday, November 20, 2011

cupcake # 2

finished 20th November 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mayahs Christening ..

was today and she wore my
christening dress..
I wore it 44 years ago...
this is me..
6th August 1967
when I was christened.

this is
 Madeline Georgia
5th April 1999
she was never baptised / christened
but did get her in the dress
for photos

this is
Mayah Selina
13th November 2011

 Me & my niece Mayah

all the wearers of the dress,
me , Mad & Mayah

it would have been a better photo
if Seb wasnt doing a silly smile

my mum, me Mad & Mayah
the cake mum & I made

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bobbin lace ..

My other obsession..
but I havent touched it in over 5 years,
I pulled it out this morning
and now its sitting where I can see it..
and maybe i will do a bit now and then ..
 These pieces were done by me
quite a while ago ..

 my travelling pillow.
called that because it can
"travel" with you .. but it doesnt
it sits in a cupboard in the dark..
but not any more ..
It has a small piece of lace with beads on it,
I started it as a wedding garter for Madeline..
yes she is turning 13 soon, so thought it
might be finished by time she gets married..
and according to her ..when she 34  lol
also a butterfly ...
not even 1/4 finished..think I might
have to keep this one in the dark
until I can get to classes..
oh how I need to win lotto to
retire and do the things I love at home ..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

my baking is done ..

well my
Little House Needleworks

it was a easy and quick stitch, also
love the colours ...