Friday, November 29, 2013

A few photos ..

Mads cake from the inside..

Everyone loved it...

Sebs quilt that's off to the quilter tomorrow...mads should be finished I hope

And mad is off her to yr9 formal tonight..all grown up

Lee-Ann xx

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy 15th birthday Mad

6 layered rainbow cake with bubblegum flavored marshmallow icing

Lee-Ann xx

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Part 1 of the rainbow cake for the 15 yr old tomorrow, and a batch of choc brownie walnut biscuits..

Fab 4 - coral made them and shared the recipe, but I had the book all along, maybe I should cook out of some of them lol

Lee-Ann xx

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another almost finished

Yes I dont quilt but buy fabric , and since I have so much fabric i thought I better make a quilt or 2 .
Mads is at the quilter as I write this , Seb is at the soccer tonight with his dad so off on a stitching frenzy I went.
I don't want him to see it, I got the Man U fabric from the UK , and has other things he likes - soccer - did you know he likes soccer :-) , batman, Star Wars, dogs, soccer ... And I put in a sneaky cupcake square ..mums obsession lol
Off to get backing fabric Monday , then to the quilter on Saturday I hope.

Monday is Mads 15th birthday..where did the years go ...
Lee-Ann xx

Thursday, November 14, 2013's November already...

Where have the days gone?

Update time...

Well I have recovered wonderfully from my operation , would recommend it to anyone, :-) and feel so much better.

I thought I was ok before..I wasn't. My mental & physical self wasn't me for quite a while, I can see that now.

So onto a new me.. Also I am done 32 kgs, so a new shape too.

I haven't stitched much but have acquired stash :-)

This is a new design by Lizzie Kate, and I have have this coming from Victoria sampler

I have also done a macaron cooking class with the fab 3 , we had a blast and ate so many ..

And we had our November GTG, my 1st weekend away in a year without children.
It was a weekend relaxing, eating , talking laughing and shopping ..things we all love., and being nerds..

Lunch at the Warburton tea house, then onto the yarra valley chocolate factory..
And meals cooked by all of us , the hit was Helens floating Island ..OMG was it Devine.

And of course I purchased fabric and a small red work embroidery Christmas angel.

But I have finally used the fabric I brought last year ..a quilt for my Madeleine for Christmas , going to the quilter this weekend.

The orange is the backing and binding.
Sebs is half done, waiting on Manchester United fabric to arrive .

While at the patchwork tea house I got this beautiful jelly roll of fabric

Live the name too.. Scrumptious :-)

And then somehow this jumped into my bag when getting the backing for Mads quilt..whoops ..

The fab 3 are coming down in January and we are going to have a jelly roll weekend.

School is nearly finished for the year, work continues and I'm now full time permanent which I am so happy about, love my job and the people I work with, so that's a bonus.

My 2 favorite people are getting to big, Seb has informed me he is "officially" taller than me. Only took him 12 3/4 years .
Mad is turning into a full on hormonal more said :-)

And milo...

Lee-Ann xx