Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sebs goal ...

we got one of Sebs goals on video
last week. he is roght footed
but seems to get a lot of left foot
goals lately.
this week his team won 10-0
and he kicked 2 goals in the first half,
and then was Left back for the 2nd half.
total for this season 14 goals ..

double click on video to make it larger ..

Friday, May 20, 2011

mums birthday ...

I brought some Pashmak ..
persian fairy floss..
nothing like the cheap sugar infested
fairy floss you get at
shows ...

its very light fluffy and just dissolves in your mouth

 I put it ontop of the
cream filled strawbery sponge...
everyone loved it ..
Holly, Seb, Mad, mum & knox..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sebs Soccer ...

Another game this morning,
but I had to miss it..
stocktake at work  :-(

but so far the results are..
Sebs team score forst with his goals in brackets.

1/5   2-4  ( 2 )
8/5   7-2    ( 3 )
15/5  9-4   ( 5 )

so in 3 games he has kicked 10 goals ...
not bad ...and we are very proud of him, think the
whole team is too.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

SNUGGS - Pink ones ...

think I know have the
pattern sorted out ...finally  lol
so thought I would try some pink ones.

I will now make another brown/cream pair
as a baby shower gift for a friend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

baby Uggs = SNUGGS ...

One of my Fab 4 girlies -Coral
has knitted these snuggs for friends
as baby gifts.
I have a few friends having babies so thought I
would give it a go ..
Now I dont knit...but
seem to have a huge bag of wool ..
it only took a demo model to be made 1st,
then a few txts to Coral and a few laughs,
but here they are ..
onto making a pink pair now
im on a roll ...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day tea ...

 I was 1/4 the way thru and realised I didnt take a photo
of the spaghetti Bol
Seb made by himself...
with a few instructions.
and dessert was PAV ..
made by my mum
topped with whipped cream, banana & peppermint crisp.

We asked Seb his recipe ..
"well you burn the onion, then the meat ..."
mmm ...dont you mean "brown" ???  lol
and I must say its tasted fantastic.
Mad did the dishes ...

Mothers Day 2011

 A Hand made card
by Seb
 and a poem bookmark
 heart shaped measuring cups
from Seb - school mothers day stall
and cook book from Mad

Breakfast was at 7am
so no breakfast in bed ...i dont like it anyway
too many crumbs in the bed, or milo covered sheets  lol
so it was
toast & vegemite and a
cold milo made by kids at the kitchen table
No sleep in as Seb had soccer at
9am ...
he won 7-3 and kicked 3 goals
so wasnt that bad getting up early ..

we then had brunch/lunch at mums
with my brother SIL & nephew
mums home made sausgae rolls, jelly
cream sponge & scones jam & cream..
tea - mum is coming up
and kids are cooking spag bol ...
so no cooking for me today
and think I might be else where when dishes
need doing  lol
also have to put this photo in
Madeline is 12 yrs old
and every night she takes these
3 "creatures" as we call them to bed
without fail.
She has been sick this week
so she decided they needed  a
freshen up.
As its cold and wet she hung them
on the clothes airer under the heater
they were'nt dry in time last night
so back to her tonight.
The baby bugs is from Movie World
Polar bear - Sea world
Rabbit - Target ...
bugs & polar bear have traveled as far
as the USA. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ice Cream & Soccer....

having fun with the ice-cream maker
so far strawberry - with fresh strawberries

 and vaniila ...
 will neve buy ice cream again after tasting
home made - so creamy and soft
and so much more flavour ..

also soccer started back again this morning
a 9am game !!
they lost 4-2
but Seb kicked the 2 goals ...
so a good game