Thursday, March 31, 2011

A visit to the gym ...

BUT ..not to work out ..never

It was the opening of my brothers

new gym ..

Cross Fit.

he already has a gym, but has

decided to stop bootcamps, Kokoda track tours

and concentrate just on this ...

They had a good turnout for the open day

last Saturday, lots of yummy and healthy food,

competitions, face painting

and a gorrilla to hand out lollypops to the kids

although i think he frightnened them more .lol

This is my mum on the left, my cousin Shane aka ..gorilla

and his mum and my aunty ...

got to get a cuddle from the hairy man ..

look what I can do ...

Seb & Mad helping out
Seb in his Collingwood jumper and face painted

as he was going to the game that afternoon.

Friday, March 25, 2011

An Obsession ....

Lip Smackers / Lip Balm ...
18 in the bathroom alone,
also havent counted the ones in my
bedside table
sewing bag ...
my favourite one would have to be the
Betty Crocker - choc brownie one ..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Black Hawk night duty ...

At Skilled Stadium tonight.
This is the stadium where our
Aussie rules football team
Geelong Play

Black Hawk helicopters over Geelong

No disaster, escaped fugitives etc ..
just training for the day and night
in Geelong.
They have been flying so low,
are so huge and loud..
and amazing ..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LK Boo Club progress

finally finished EEK today..
16th March 2011
took nearly a month to do it, with all the
things going on here ..
putting this aside for now to
complete the Just Nan Gingerbread stocking
ready for our GTG in June ..
Come on June, a badly needed girlie weekend with my
3 princesses .. I adore so much
Helen, Coral & Lissy xx

Sebs Cards ...

this photo is a little dark,
but these are the cards and gifts he received
from my wonderful stitching friends
all over the world ...
thankyou so much xx

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The cake ...

the 1st 10 years ...
the birthday boy and his cake

birthday boy & his mum

Sebs 10th Birthday

Opening presents and Milo making sure
everything is ok..hey there might be something for him in there lol
An authentic Man U training top
from the UK like the players wear,
he also got PJ's - but dont think they wear those ..

some of the more favourite presents..he also got
clothes ..but they aren't as exciting as these..

the cake ..a soccer ball ..well 1/2 of one
a full ball was to much cake for all of us..
yes I did say to much cake
he gets to choose breakfast and tea/dinner , so we had hot cross buns
and choc flavoured milk for breakfast.
tea is either pizza or fish & chips and then cake ..
he has also received so many cards and packages from my wonderful
stitching friends, so will take a photo
on the weekend with all those.
another lot just arrived and a box ..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sebs 10th birthday party ...

Seb had his birthday party last night
Saturday - with 4 friends
at LaserStrike ..its a
laser shooting thingy ..oh so nice lol
But they have so much fun..

all suited up and applying makeup ..whoops ..
war paint ..

the boys..who were also joined
by Sebs dad Jon, and my brother Chris

group photo ...such a nice group
shot of guns and big ones too ..

Seb taking aim ...

my nephew Tyler ..think he loved the
makeup - oh sorry .. war paint a little to much ..

Chris - a little battle tired ..

Seb ..and I do think this is a nice
photo even with
a gun and war paint
Jed ..who really gets into the game, even to the point
of pulling out weeds and putting them
in his hat for camaflauge ..
Seb & Jon
Tyler & Chris ...
such family bonding ...

Friday, March 4, 2011

This time last year ...

We were here..

And getting to know this mouse ...
and mum was dog sitting Milo and living here.
this year kids are at school, Im working
and have mum back again
but not house and dog sitting
but getting over her knee
think I would rather be doing last years
adventures again ..