Friday, June 29, 2012

Lady GaGa

The Monster Ball was last night

 and what a performance she does.
A little weird, strange, rude, amazing ..
it was like haunted/gothic/alien theme ..
and it was dark as in lighting concert
which went with the theme, but it was
sometimes hard to see here from where
we were..

I had to explain to Mad what this blow up thing was on stage, and it took
me a few minutes to wrok it out..
ok I didnt have my glasses on, thats my excuse ..
can you guess...???

she appears at the top, then pushes her way out
thru the centre ....

yes it is a blow up...
I'm going to say it now ...
vagina ....

Must say I've never seen one so big

she sang all her hit songs and more..
some a little too weird for me ..
her new one Princess Die - think she made it up as
she went, and she did suggest the next concert
it might be a little different.

She was amazing to  watch
and she is so fit,
to watch her for over 2 hours
non stop I was exausted ..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm here, but not doing much

After working all week , running 2 kids around, then the household stuff, and having one very helpful mum who comes up once a week to cook for us. I provide the food..she cooks it.. Im loving it..mums cooking - nothing better than that.

So I'm not getting much stitching done..but I have made some progress on
LK Halloween Rules, love the colours in it.

We also have a Melbourne stitches & Craft show coming up at the end of July, and like I need anything more like a hole in the head, I went thru my stash and pulled the charts I want fabric for. It will be a Fab 4 gtg. And then the week after we have our official Fab 4 gtg here.

Also news here... Mad went to the cinema yesterday, after coming out, she played one of those stupid $2 a go arcade games ...well she won a Mario cart WII bundle... She was so excited as she wanted the IPad but she selected the WII in stupid excitement. I rang up the guy who runs/manages the machines and explained we already have a WII and any chance of swapping..yes no her dad will go swap it tomorrow..

Ok so now I don't think they are

And only 4 more sleeps to Mad & I go see Lady Gaga...apparently we can dress up but no meat dresses, glass, play guns or nudity allowed.. nudity!!! Lol

Lee-Ann xx

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another day in Melbourne

Minus cake this time...
Today I went with Mad to the netball to watch Melbourne Vixens which she has a membership to.
It was their last home game and I promised I would go with her as I haven't been able to get to the others, she has either taken a friend or gone with her dad.
Before hand we popped into the city for a bit of retail therapy for both of us.Then onto the game at Hisense Arena.

They won 50-49 , totally different to watching 13yrs olds play and didnt know
It was a contact sport!! Well I don't think it is but there was a bit happening during this game..plenty of bruises after the game I think..

It was finished by 1.45 so back Into the city to the DFO at southern cross station for a little more shopping...

Lee-Ann xx

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Fab 4 day out...

We havent had one for a while,
but today made up for it.
Breakfast at Laurent..
and then shopping...

makeup for me,
cook books and pie dishes for Lissy & Coral
and shoes for me and Lissy
I got these..

love the pink polka dot ones...
and had to get the purple..

girls twisted my arm...
really they did ..

and then we convinced Lissy to get
a similar pink polka dot pr...

are we pathetic or what ??  lol

lunch back at Laurent

and a disappointing afternoon tea at the
Hopetoun tea rooms ..

we think because everything is in the front
window under lights..with some cooling - ice on the bottom shelf ..
and being 3pm, it wasnt very fresh ..
and Corals pot of tea which was on the very weak side
we still enjoyed the company ...