Friday, June 29, 2012

Lady GaGa

The Monster Ball was last night

 and what a performance she does.
A little weird, strange, rude, amazing ..
it was like haunted/gothic/alien theme ..
and it was dark as in lighting concert
which went with the theme, but it was
sometimes hard to see here from where
we were..

I had to explain to Mad what this blow up thing was on stage, and it took
me a few minutes to wrok it out..
ok I didnt have my glasses on, thats my excuse ..
can you guess...???

she appears at the top, then pushes her way out
thru the centre ....

yes it is a blow up...
I'm going to say it now ...
vagina ....

Must say I've never seen one so big

she sang all her hit songs and more..
some a little too weird for me ..
her new one Princess Die - think she made it up as
she went, and she did suggest the next concert
it might be a little different.

She was amazing to  watch
and she is so fit,
to watch her for over 2 hours
non stop I was exausted ..

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