Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Torquay Beach

Today we went to Torquay beach for the morning. Its only a 10 min drive from where we live. Both had a ball. We are expecting heat wave here over the next few days.
Today 38,
Wed 40,
Thurs 38
Fri 39
Cant wait for winter when we have these temperatures...

Monday, January 26, 2009


Happy AUSTRALIA DAY ....hope you all have a great day, and doing something Aussie ...BBQ, cricket, eating lamingtons, pav .....whatever ...me I am working 1.30 - 5. So think we might be doing the BBQ tonight.

Madeline & Sebastian

Jon put the "GLADIATOR" fight on youtube for a bit of fun.
go have a look if you like...its also got sound effects so turn on your volume...

Friday, January 23, 2009

A day in Melbourne

On Thursday we caught the train to Melbourne, when we arrived headed to the DFO - well the toilets was the 1st stop.

After the DFO we went into the Mall, went to Myer, got a makeover and came out with makeup ..needed some and from Mads comments I did need it ..."mum you dont look tired now" ...
we then caught a tram to Docklands, we heard there were sand sculputures there ...yes there was..only 1. it was good, the kids thought they were going to make sand castles..theirs are not like this. While walking around - oh to have the money to live there :-) Mad got her photo taken beside a Dame Edna statue, last night on channel 10, the weather guy was there and said that the statue was just put there that morning and it was unveiled yesterday afternoon...they were roping off areas when we left so just must have missed it.

then we went into a tent...well the kids had a ball, it was a "funfly" thing. they got to tightrope walk, do like a huge trampoline with harnessess and the most fun bit ...do a gladiator style walk on a pole and have padded thingies to knock each other off ...Mad won..
then after a visit to harbourtown for a cool drink, Jon got his car and we drove to highpoint .
I got myself one of those ped eggs from Danoz direct....well girls they are fantastic ...I have an "issue" with feet and hands ...they have to be clean, manicured and look nice ...even have my kids thinking my way ...ok its a bit obsessive/compulsive in a mild way ..haha ...but get one if you like your feet smooth and nice.
finally got home about 5.30 to a mess outside, we must have had huge winds, rubbish and furniture everywhere

Mad checking to see if she has undies on !!

The Galdiators....

Off we go....

The winner...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

An unfurgetable day at

at Highpoint in Melbourne.
I drove there yesterday with Mad, Seb & my mum.. it was a great effort on my behalf to actually drive there and back, I never or have never driven past Werribee.
Both Mad & Seb had a great time building their bears. Mads is Coco, Sebs is Luke - yes after Luke skywalker/starwars, at least it wasnt Dick or Bruce from Batman which we have numerous things named after...
They got to pick their bear, then stuff it - soft/medium/hard - sounds like you are cooking a steak :-) both choose soft.
Then they got to make a wish on a small heart which is put inside the bears...oh how I would love to know the wishes of a 7 & 10 yr old ....
Then onto the bath - well air blower to "fluff" them up. Next the main bit - dressing them.
Seb wanted a soccer / superhero outfit ...none available, so settled on a police uniform, of course with matching hat and shoes. He was happy and done in 15 mins.
Madeline - well .....she would still be there trying on all the clothes if we didnt make her hurry up. with my mum ( think she was having fun ) helping her try on nearly every outfit in the shop, we ended up with a pr jeans and top, and with her money got a pink dressing gown.
Nearly 2 hours later - think they should have a coffee machine in there , we were finished and they were carring Coco & Luke home.
Mum spend big - a tattslotto ticket, me - a measuring cup....
It was a unfurgatable day...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lemonade Scone making ....

On a 39 degree day we decided to make scones. Well both Mad & Seb did. We were having visitors ...a wonderful friend Helen and her family so it was a good reason.
This was their 1st attempt at really cooking from scratch. I just told them how to do it, they read the recipe ..which wasnt too hard. They turned out pretty good and none left...

The recipe is:
3 cups SR flour.
1 cup cream
1 cup lemonade - not diet.
mix together with a knife. Place of floured surface, knead out with palm and cut in rounds.
Cook 15mins 190 oven

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am addicted to ......

this game...
Animal Crossing - Wild world on the Ds
I have never played games like this and had to get Madeline & Sebastian to help me to start with. I also went and got the guide as I had no idea what I was doing.
Now the 3 of us are doing it and Madeline is passing me and Seb is getting there.

I also went and got the
Wii - Going to the city
version...waiting on the guide to come in before I even start.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A visit to.....

Cold Rock Ice Creamery
Yes we went to have a try as they are new in Geelong...I did enjoy it but for the price, I dont think we will go again.
For $22.10 we got 3 ice creams ...I could buy a few tubs for that, but we did enjoy it.

My tub was cookies & cream ice cream smashed with maltesers and a tim tam...yumm

Sebs was cookies & cream ice cream smashed with a choc mint slice and a flake

Mads was cookies & cream ice cream ...yes another one ..smashed with a flake and a choc fudge brownie

We also went shopping and while in Westfield Geelong Madeline noticed a familiar face ... Rory from Big Brother. We watched the friday night games and went and saw a taping when we were in Queensland.
He was really nice and chatted to both of them and was very nice when i asked if I could take a photo.
Yes I had a camera in my bag, I went and brought a smaller one that I now carry everywhere since the "Kylie Incident" ...no I havent got over the fact I couldnt use my camera...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just playing around

Just testing a new photo program to see if I can ge this to work

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day 2009

Happy New Year
Very quite night night last night, we watched the 9pm fireworks on t.v., then the kids went to bed. I stayed up with the dog - Milo and watched The Full Monty. Last time I watched that was in the air flying to the UK in Feb 1998. The plane t.v's had a slight problem - one screen was all red, the other blue, so it was actually good to see the movie in complete colour.. haha
Today we slept in and have spent the day playing the Wii and Wii fit. It is so much fun. Just having a quite tea of chicken and salad, and also picked up a "Rays" plum pudding from Coles really cheap. we all love plum pudding so having it with custard and cream yummmm.
Hope everyone has a fantastic 2009 ...my New Years Resolution
to be happier and laugh more....
Happy New Year all
Lee-Ann xxxx