Friday, May 29, 2009

A Finish....

Country Cottage Needleworks
You are my Sunshine.
Started April 15th 2009, finished 25 May 2009.
this one was so much fun to stitch, and is for Madeline - "my sunshine"
and about to start
Boys & Bugs by the same designer for Sebastian

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A fun night with Sebastian....

Sebastian and me - March 2009

After a week of working 4 x 5pm - midnight shifts doing stocktake - which was an experience LOL

and then finding out that some so called "friends" have been sitting around gossiping about my life and what I apparently have .... which has left me wondering "Why???"

I figure if I must be their topic of conversation, they have very boring and sad miserable lives and that mine is more interseting and that some must be very jealous of me having to work all the hours I do to get what I have. So this week I have been very down in the dumps and now have no idea who my "friends" are - but I do have an idea "who" these gossiping ladies are....

and for those that dont know - YES I am seperared from Jon ......

BUT ....

last night Madeline went with Jon for the night and Sebastian and I had a night together was his choice what he was doing - I did get from Madeline that they were going to hire the movie - "hating Allison Ashely " - so Jon is in for a good night like me LOL

We played Animal Crossing on the DS, then Mario Cart. We then moved onto the Wii for Mario Cart - how can I come last when there are only 2 of us playing all the time ?? haha

Then onto dvd's - the 1949 cinema classic - Batman & Robin .... OMG ... even Seb was laughing at all the mistakes .... they made episodes for the cinema back then and you had to go every week to see the "next exciting new episode" ... we watched 5 ....

we then decided - well more Seb that we would watch Tom & Jerry in bed that was funny, I havent really sat and watched them in years - and watching them now - how violent it can be ... finally lights out at 10pm...

This morning we got up and he helped me make breakfast and then we both have just made whit choc raspberry muffins for school lunches - if you want the recipe, well get ready....

go to a Coles supermarket, go to the pkt cake isle and get yourself a pkt of Coles - white choc raspberry muffin mix - they are really yum.. thats the recipe LOL

well off to get ready for Sebs soccer this morning and to work this afternoon...

And YES my life is good.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

white choc honeycomb mud cupcakes....

This was meant to be one cake, but I decided to double it and make cupcakes for my mums birthday cake.

the ganache did not work out .....
I whisked it till my arm hurt, it wasnt getting thick... then got out the beaters..nothing, so then added more cream...getting to how thick I want it...BLINKED - and it curdled !! looked like cottage cheese ... tasted ok, but the look wasnt the best LOL

so ended up whipping cream and folding a voilet crumble thru it, then adding more crushed voilet crumble on top..
Also I brought the pretty cupcake cases, and I am a little disappointed in can see the moisture of the cake thru them and they hve lost their "prettiness" ... oh well think they will get eaten anyway..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

I woke up with a greeting with Happy Mothers Day - MUM
I received a cute teddy bear from Mad, and a candle / flower bowl from Seb - purchased from the school mothers day stall ..

and an I.O.U. in a letter for a book I wanted - store didnt have them so its on order.. Barbara Walters autobiography - but after getting home from soccer I was greeted with the book.
Sebastian & Jon went to the computer swap meet and called into Borders before the game.

Both Madeline & Sebastian were training as "master chefs" for breakfast, I was made 2 slices of toast with vegemite, and a choc milk with extra choc topping and a straw ...

They did Jons as well - and think his strawberry milk is going to give him a "high" for the day with the amount of stawberry topping LOL

My mum is coming up for tea, and in the letter there was also another surprise that i will get later - it also contained a hint - I dont have to make dessert ....

Me, my mum, Seb & Madeline

The Master Chefs after decorating their dessert

Dessert was yumm,
They made it yesterday and creamed and iced it today while I was sent to my room for an hour...

They got the recipe out of the Womans Weekly kids party cake book and Jon said they did it all themselves, measuring and all.

and their version was -

A butter cake with a jam and cream centre, covered in pink icing with maltesers & choc frogs ... LOL

And it was the best cake I have ever had xxxx

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My weekend away

What a weekend and well worth waiting for..
With Kristeens generosity she opened her house/farm to us for the weekend.
It was fantastic, we got to see and feed all her animals - which was a treat when you live in surburbia.
We ate, chatted, ate, stitched, ate, had a few drinks, stitched, ate more ...
On the Saturday we had some day visitors and did the above again...
Sunday was time to go home..
I think we might have eaten way too much, laughed heaps, got to know each other so much better and put names to faces, and had a ball..
It was such a great way to spend a weekend with now very close and caring friends.
Coral presenting Melisa with her parents bushfire quilt. Melisa's parents lost their house in the 1st lot of bushfires. So some of the 123 girls stitched squares or donated money to help out the the fabric and quilting costs.


Baa Baa Ra and Megan the lamb

Kristeens alpaca's

L-R Coral, Lesley, Kristeen, Susan, Helen, Me..

At the Warburton patchwork teahouseon the Friday for lunch ...beautiful food and outstanding quilts. A beautiful place to visit. Thankyou Coral for introducing me to a wonderful place to visit again.