Friday, December 30, 2011


Its been nice knowing you,
but glad you are leaving....

The year hasnt been too bad for me, but
for 2 of my dear friends, its a year
that they would like to forget.

Me ... well nothing exciting happened,
we are all healthy, happy  & I have a job I like.
There have been a few ups & downs
mainly disappointment in people and their actions ....
but I cant change that.
 So moving on with what I love and what makes me happy.
My 2 favourite people
thats Madeline & Sebastian
incase you didnt know  :-)
my 3 Fabulous BFF girlies..
my 2 good friends
my cyber friends
and my family - well some of them lol
and of course my outlet
for hobbies / interests.

And I would like to thank all of my
blog readers for popping in and reading
this blog, its nothing exciting
but its my life and hope that those who
do pop in enjoy it.

I would also like to ask , if you do pop
in on this post.
Leave a message and let me know where
you are from, would love to know
who visits me ..

I hope you all have a safe & happy New Years Eve.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas day ...

 2 Fat Santas..
on the right is Seb ..
 getting the popper board ready..
more photos below

 nephew Tyler & Seb
 Little elf Knox
 we have a crappy $2 santa visit us
on christmas eve
 santa trying to sit..
we have presents like..
disposbale toilet seat covers
old Mcdonald happy meal toys..
daggy videos..
its such a laugh to see who gets the crappiest present
 Santa has been
 even to Milo
 milo loved his grunting pig..
 mad got a heap of clothes, vouchers,
beauty products, shoes, dvds
seb got an Xbox, games, and of course
his Man U T, shorts, socks & guards
Mad & Seb 

Now about our party poppers at Christmas.
about 15 years ago we started this "tradition" ..
We stick a strawberry & cream lolly on the end of the popper, then pull . The lolly then flies thru the air and someone on the otherside of the room tries to catch it in their mouth...
 Yes choking hazard big time !!
kids are not allowed to do it,
 they can catch it and all wear goggles .
Last year my brother Chris made a board that held 50,
this year they have upped the challenge between Chris, my cousin Shane, uncle and Sebs dad Jon
this is Sebs..Seb it holds 24...
 This is Jons..
it holds 205 ...
I am getting the fire extinguisher ready ..
 Safety is my first priority rofl..

 even jon screwed shoes to the board..

ready for the grand explosion...
 the mess.............

 Chris, Shane & my uncle didnt do theirs.
but did indivudual ones..
think we had over 500 poppers let off ..

 The Santa Hat Family

christmas tea at grannys..
she even got some
Man U crackers..
lucky me got a Man U key ring ..
Boxing day is my nephew Knoxs birthday
he was 3.
He had a Wiggles party and we all dressed as a wiggle.
I made the above ice cream cake.
chocolate with crushed maltesers
vanilla with choc mint chocolate
strawberry with fresh srawberries & marshmellow
its was devine..

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve ...

and the Santas are in the house..
yes 2 santas..
the one on the right with no shoes on is
in  blow up santa suit ...
tonight we have 16 here for a bbq tea, then we have
the $2 santa gift,very crappy ones given out
by the blown up santa...

some are sleeping over, then we will
have all 18 of us here for breakfast.
my uncle will slice the ham off the bone and we all have it on toast.
its been a family tradition for a very long time.
now the kids are getting into it, lining up
for there ham on toast, and choc milk..
then its present time ...
and all will be here for our traditional
hot lunch of ham, turkey, roast pork & chicken,
pickled pork. roast vegies galore, carrots, cauli, brocolli, beans
then my mums home made christmas pudding with
custard...and of course a coin or 2 in it..

then the party popper challenge..more details & photos later.
its going to be..well lets just say i have the fire extinguisher ready...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Corals Christmas tree bikkies

One of my Fab 4 besties Coral
makes these bikkies every christmas since her boys
were little. She uses jelly tots on them. We have
been on hunting expeditions for them
on our fab 4 days out.
I found Jelly tots here...
so she shared the recipre with me
and these are my
Corals Christmas Tree Bikkies..
as now they are referred too..

I ran out of jelly tots, so used
some green & yellow M&M's
Seb wants to give a plate to his
teacher for christmas..
so off to plate them up and drop them off
thankyou dear Coral
for sharing your tradition xxxx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Proud mum brag time...

Seb got his end of year report tonight, he is in grade 4.
they have a grading system that the majority of kids get C's, as it's the standard they should be at the time time reports are done.

Seb got 9 C's for English subjects - reading listening writing , communication. Thinking ,  civics etc

1 B for science - which is above the standard expected.


6 A's for maths - which is well above the standard expected.

He is doing grade 6- yr 7 maths...

and I admit I don't think he takes after his mother in the maths gene pool .. Lol

He might just get what he wants for Christmas now

Madeline's report is delayed due to printing problems, I did ask if she had hidden it, but we got a note home explaining why, she is the English whizz...

Monday, December 19, 2011

This is what happens...

when you leave Hansel & Gretel..opps I mean 2 kids alone
with lollies
 and a bare gingerbread house .....

kids gone wild...

 notice the headless & armless gingerbread man
on the roof ....

they both had a 2 sides & a roof each to decorate, I forgot
to cut out doors & windows when I made it,
and they forgot to make if any little
Hansel & Gretels are in there, they are trapped ..
and we did have some..not many ...lollies left over..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My 2 most favourite people ..

took these this morning under duress
from them both, told them
Santa would not come if we didnt
have a photo. and they refused to go see Santa
and sit on his knee for a photo..seriously
who doesnt want to sit on santas knee
especally if he is cute

oh and there is another post below of our
day yesterday

A day in Bendigo

not shopping, but a
soccer tournament for Sebs
SAP program he was selected for.
The Wimmera region
held a day and off we went.
Left at 7.30am with huge supplies of water, food & sunscreen.
It was stinking hot, windy,
and the place we went to is under construction
so heaps of dust..therefore
dust storms ...YUKKK.
my least favourite things..heat, wind, dust ..
He played 3 games, and kicked 1 goal
in the last game, and had a great time.
I was so proud watching him as he played in
a team 2 years older than him and he did very well.

arrived home just after 8pm,
there was a demand for the shower as we
were all covered in dust, sweaty, stinky - especially Seb lol
and sunburnt.
I am postitve they need to bring out a factor 100 in sunscreen
for me, I lathered it on all of us, kids are a tinge red..
me... my arms and neck look like a beetroot

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

David Beckham ....

Last night was the
Melbourne Victory Vs L.A. Galaxy
soccer match.
another tick on the bucket list done
 after quite a few years being on there...
see David Beckham play.
It wasnt for Manchester United
but it was still great.
Seb was so excited..thing even more
than me ..
here are a few photos..

 Melb Victory - above
LA Galaxy - below
warming up

 the line up ..
from behind  .. David is the last on the right
Melb Vict - blue tops, LA Galaxy - white tops
 there he his...drool....

and again.. 

 ok and again..and yes there
were others playing ..

ohhh taking the shirts off..
but no david  ..
LA Galaxy won in a penalty shoot out 4-3

It was a fantastic night for a game,
and beautiful night for it ..