Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Proud mum brag time...

Seb got his end of year report tonight, he is in grade 4.
they have a grading system that the majority of kids get C's, as it's the standard they should be at the time time reports are done.

Seb got 9 C's for English subjects - reading listening writing , communication. Thinking ,  civics etc

1 B for science - which is above the standard expected.


6 A's for maths - which is well above the standard expected.

He is doing grade 6- yr 7 maths...

and I admit I don't think he takes after his mother in the maths gene pool .. Lol

He might just get what he wants for Christmas now ...lol

Madeline's report is delayed due to printing problems, I did ask if she had hidden it, but we got a note home explaining why, she is the English whizz...

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Vicky said...

Wow that is awesome, congrats to Seb :)