Tuesday, August 30, 2011

my great grandmothers work...

I found this while cleaning up
on the weekend. i forgot I had it.
My Great Grandmother
 Euncie Ada Drucella
made it. No idea when though.

its made from old greeting cards, covered
in a plastic then crocheted together.

the outside has faded a fair bit, but the inside still
bright and beautiul.
I can remember she used to keep this on her dresser in her room
and it was full of bobby pins and hair nets. she had long very thin grey hair.
she would plait it every morning, the plait would be
half way down her back, then she would roll it into a bun
and place bobby pins in it to keep it in place, then
a hair net over the top.
The hair net..i have no idea why she wore these ..

she was also a cook..not a chef back in her day
in an Adelaide hotel.
She was a fantastic cook, she is the one who made the
christmas puddings.
she also crocheted, i have a few of her doilies around somewhere.
she also crocheted a huge afghan.
when she died, my uncle took it..no idea why as he hadnt seen
her in over 10 years.
I contacted his family when he died a few years later
to see if they still had the afghan..
no they gave it to the dog as a blanket, then threw it away !!!!

So I am glad I still have all the photos, her recipe books
and other little treasures I can keep safe ..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cooking, stitching, DUH!, and Milo...

a morning of baking ..
dark & white choc chip rainbow biscuits ..

Sebs stocking ..
Shepherds Bush, almost finished ..
then to start on Mads.

whats this ????
well let me tell you ..
this morning while cleaning the
screen of the t.v.
Seb walks up and asks .."what's this"??
it's the plastic protective film on the screen
that you are meant to remove when you get the t.v
ok so t.v. is over 4 years old .
so maybe we should remove it ..
took over 1/2 hr to get it off  and now sitting watching
shows with the sunnies on..
its so bright ...lol
you can see by the colour of the film, its quite dark,
now we have a bright t.v.
its like new, and no scratches on the screen.

and Milo.
he has this green ball that you put treats in.
we put in a broken up shmacko in it.
it holds it in his front little paws
and get it out with his tongue

keeps him amused for at least...
2 minutes ..lol

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feeling blah...

Because of a stupid cold... Or minor dose of the flu, head aches, body aches, temps.. Runny nose, sneezing coughing You know the cold/ flu symptoms...

We have a "slice day" at work tomorrow, so I thought I would take chocolate macarons.
1st batch looked like yo yo biscuits..so kids are happy as they will get to eat them.
2nd batch...so much better... And while cooking them and trying to get tea ready who drops a full un opened jar of crushed garlic on the floor... I have it incase I don't have fresh.
Well don't have it now..lol and it went everywhere and all over me.

So I stunk , the floor of the cupboard was covered in glass and garlic but the macarons came out perfect.. they were the main priority being the 2nd batch and wasn't going for a 3rd.

No news here except waiting the arrival any day now of a new niece or nephew.. I haven't brought a thing and busting to buy something..

Soccer for Seb is nearly finished for the year, and I will have my Sunday mornings back.. Not that I do anything, but so nice not to be somewhere 1/2 hour away by 8.30am.

Well the house is cleaned up, doesn't smell like an italian restaurant , I smell better, macarons all filled and ready to go, so I am going to plonk myself and the couch and veg with a box of tissues, butter menthols , and the t.v.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Green Lantern ... 3 versions ...

Version 1

The Movie ...

Ryan Reynolds..
as Green Lantern.
be still my beating heart, he can save me anytime.

Seb and I went tonight and watched it in 3D.
Green lantern has been one of Sebs
most love superheroes ..

that brings us to..

Version 2 ..

 and we have a young
Green Lantern

there was no Green Lantern
costume around ..anywhere...
and he was virtually  an unknown
superhero ..
 what is a mum to do
when all her son wants is a
Green Lantern costume ???
get one made especially for him ...
and he loved it ....


Version 3 ..

Movie World Green Lantern ...

who was very surprised to see a mini version
of himself ...

The 10 years he had been there he had never seen
a costume and was very impressed.
He asked Seb to meet him and he organised
the Movie world photographer
to come along and take photos.
When we left that day, everyone of the
characters new Seb by name and he walked
in the main parade with him ..
and we got it all on video
ready for his 21st ...

The BIG Green Lantern
taught Seb the LITTLE Green Lantern
The Green Lantern Oath ...

“In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might,
 Beware my power…
Green Lantern’s light!
 And FYI ...
The oath is something that the Green Lantern says every time that he charges up his power ring.Each member of the Green Lantern Corps has his own unique oath, yet the purpose is the same – to give him the strength and will that he needs to serve the world with justice and to save it from a multitude of different evils time and time again. The oath is something that each Green Lantern says to himself and is a sort of a daily affirmation that lets him know that he is strong and courageous enough to go out and fight the good fight! The oath is the inner fire that brings forth the power to let justice prevail, not just over Earth but across countless galaxies throughout the universe. The legend of the Green Lantern is widely known all across the world and will always be one of the most influential superheroes of all time.

and while watching the movie trailers
for upcoming movies, I see
we have
 Spiderman  - no costume ..
The Dark Knight ....
yes we had a costume for batman, but
the most favourite and completely worn out costume was
 Robin Boy Wonder ...

Once again he picked a superhero
who wasnt a lead character ..but we did get a costume
for him ..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

look what I found....

 at spotlight ....
some more Cat In The Hat fabric.
Just what I need ..more fabric
for a non quilter  :-)

and finished this red work present,
instead of the banner
i am going to make
individual ones ...

also been stitching my hexagons.
have cut out what seems like 100's
and sewn up 4 flowers,
stitched on Sebs stocking
and started another pair of baby uggs
for a friend ...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hansel & Gretel ....

Adriano style ...

what a challenge on Master Chef last night,
and what an evil man...but very cute ..

4 hours to complete this ...

my past ones look pitiful compared to this,
and to top it off
I brought lollies ..lol
I am not going to do this version,
but love the shape of his house, so i am going
to attempt it this christmas ..

oh what i would give to have a class with him ..