Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like

CHRISTMAS........ not so much with this LOVELY photo :-)
but maybe with these ......

Thankyou from Madeline ...

Dear 123 stitch people
Thankyou everybody for sending me all my cards and presents. I really loved opening them all, and getting some of my own cross stitch patterns.
For my Birthday party on the weekend I went to get my nails done with some of my friends and I went bowling.
On my actual birthday I went out for tea at La Pochetta (it is a resutrant).
For my birthday I got an: Ipod, Hair gel, Bratz magic nails, perfume and I Dream of Jeannie season 4 dvd and bewitched pj's and I got lots of money all together I got $105.
love from Madeline.
some of the cross stitch presents I got
also some chocolates stickers and even a dollar

some of my cards I got

more cards and a big thankyou to:
Gerry H , Carolan B , Diane F, Shelly R, Simchah, Denise L,
Eileen B, .Anna H, Arielle R, Sandra P, Mary R ,Melissa ,
MagnaMatria ,Karen, Connie ,Susan S, Janet & girls, Debra,
Maddy, Marisa and family,Rose, Flossqueen, Clara, Teal ,
Leisa, Pamela, Christine, Chlo,e Sushi & girls, Phyllis,
Kathy aka Truck, Jenny, Wyosage, Helen, Lesley & Zachary,
Carr,y Didi, Lorayne ,Alayne.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Madeline

All her presents from mum ,dad & Sebastian, one very spoilt girl.
The beautiful 10 yr old

By Madelines request - A heart shaped sponge, cream and strawberry jam centre with marshmellow icing made by nanna, with colour flame candles. They look eally pretty in the dark.

Getting ready to make a wish

The day Madeline was born 25 Nov 1998 , my mum - her nanna brought her this Madeline doll . On that very 1st day I took her photo with the doll. Every year since on her birthday I take a photo of them both.

Her photo for 2008.

Her favourite present - an Ipod nano

Another favourite bewitched pj's. she also got a ticket to see Kylie Minogue with mum of course on Dec 19th in Melbourne. Some girly sprays, lipgloss and body bath. An PS2 eyetoy game, A computer journal, I dream of jeannie season 4 dvd. and Sebastian picked out some coloured hair cream in purple, yellow and pink.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Party #2

Party #2 On Sunday night was bowling with family and friends. They all had a ball with bowling, eating and cake. She was spoilt by her cousins & friends with vouchers, roxy bag and clothes, and Brittany Spears perfume - which I must say is very nice and mum might just have a spray when she is at school :-)

Another party over now onto the real day...Tuesday 25th November ...then party #3, well not so much a party but presents and out for tea.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Party #1

Nails, subway, smiggles, donut king ....

First Madeline and 2 friends went to get a "glamapuss" minicure done at my nail salon. They all chose a french minicure, they got their nails buffed, filed and painted. The 3 of them were spoilt with hot chocolates and choc mint biscuits. They thought they were fantastic.

Then onto Subway for lunch and after a visit to Smiggles - a cute funky stationary shop. I gave them $10 each - a substitute for lolly bags and birthday cake. They were really happy about that and only took 45 mins to choose something :-) They all started off with different items but ended walking out with the same...

So after all that they needed a toilet stop and a drink so ended up at donut King for a donut and a bottle of water.

They are now home here for an hour then dropping them both back home at 4. I am sure they had a fantastic time.

Party #2 tomorrow

Thursday, November 20, 2008

PINK .............

YEEEE HAAAAAA ... off to see PINK on August 1st 2009. Madeline is not talking to me as she wanted to go, but explained its not a young girls show, maybe next time. But she will get a surprise for her birthday ne\xt week ....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Resting ...

Madeline and Milo resting together on the couch. She is feeling a bit better and starting to eat a little.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Diagnosis ...

The test results are that Madeline has bacterial tonsilitis, which is good in a way because the penacillin will help. She also has glandular fever, but the doctor thinks just a mild strain, the tonsils are worse. So at least we know, we are also waiting on more results on Thursday to see if she has had glandular fever before - which according to the doc, most children have but parents are unaware, the cells lay dormant until a trigger sets them off. Also what i didnt know was that tonsilitis is connected to glandular fever.
So after a slight improvement today while the medicine kicks it ..mind you it took 18mins to have a 5ml dose penacillin and 11mls panodol .....this has to happen before food and every 6 hours...
we decided to sit together and stitch. the top photos are of her practice piece she wanted to do then her finished piece today, she did it all herself starting and finishing, 1st time for backstitch, then did her initials. 2nd photo is of her in her jammies stitching...

Monday, November 17, 2008


Just back from taking Madeline to the doctor, she has a case of tonsilitis, an UTI infection cause by the germ with the tonsilitis and a 99% chance of glandular fever ....way to go Mad.

She is worried about her birthday party on the weekend but has the week of school and am sure she will be feeling slightly better by then.

she looks and sounds miserable, my poor girl..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School Camp - Maldon Victoria

Well she is off to her 1st camp, its from Wednesday to Friday and its a bike education camp run by the Victoria Police. She will have a ball. But we did have a time getting her to go. Not keen on sleepovers she didnt want to go and when she found out she had to wear thongs in the shower to protect her feet from germs ...well let me say she is never going to be a camper, but a high lifestyle apartment girl. even asked if she could taker her hair dryer !! So much like her mum ....

these are 2 photos of her and us before she left - yes its only for 2 nights ...

she also made us both a matching bracelets to wear so we can look at it and remember each other... what is she going to be like if she has to leave for Uni ?????

I miss her already xxxxx

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here is the graduate from the 2008 Graduation class of Puppy School. Yes he passed !
He has learnt to sit, stay and drop. I think both Madeline & Sebastian had a great time going and they both learned alot about puppies and training.
There were 6 dogs in the class,
3 - Staffies - Peggy Sue - the naughtiest and spent a lot of time in the time out cage :-) Frankie, and Poppy,
2 king charles - Abry & Peggy
and Milo and apprently he was voted the cutest ..

Monday, November 3, 2008

fun photos

This is Sebastian and as usual in a super hero costume. This one is "IRON MAN" ..I am sure if he could be anything when he grows up it would be a super hero...

Madeline on the other hand likes to be girly, so she decided to be her version of CAT WOMAN, that was wearing black tights, black boots, black top and these funky glasses ...