Wednesday, November 12, 2008

School Camp - Maldon Victoria

Well she is off to her 1st camp, its from Wednesday to Friday and its a bike education camp run by the Victoria Police. She will have a ball. But we did have a time getting her to go. Not keen on sleepovers she didnt want to go and when she found out she had to wear thongs in the shower to protect her feet from germs ...well let me say she is never going to be a camper, but a high lifestyle apartment girl. even asked if she could taker her hair dryer !! So much like her mum ....

these are 2 photos of her and us before she left - yes its only for 2 nights ...

she also made us both a matching bracelets to wear so we can look at it and remember each other... what is she going to be like if she has to leave for Uni ?????

I miss her already xxxxx

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