Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Negativity ...

Why is there so much out there right now ...

I cant believe how negative some people can be, and
the first thing that pops into their mind is a negative thought.

I am on a cross stitch board ...and its
a great board and a whole range of topics come up.
but lately everything is so negative ...

There was a post about NY legalising gay marraige ...
my first thought ...
yay to NY...finally and about time,
it effects me in no way, but i am happy for those involved.

but then the people against it come on , and probably like me, have nothing
to do with it, but sprout their bible bashing
and posting bible verses left, right and centre ...and these are so called christians ...
i believe everyone has an opinion, and I respect that,
if you belive in God , fine with me,
but to say some of the ugly things they do about being gay
is not very christian to me ...

then another post ..

about a US policeman proposing marriage
to his girlfriend over the police radio ..
their first thought ...
" did he get permission", " hopefully it was in down time".
seriously ... I am sure he got permision, but my first
thought was ..." how romantic and nice" ...not something negative ...

i have also stopped face book, finding that
to many whingers, whiners, who complain about the
same old things ...OMG try and at least change
the problem rather than moaning about it all the time ..
also finding little things I might need to know by a phone call / txt/ email
is on FB for everyone to see ... and if I didnt see it
well my fault ...
and things posted that me and most likely everyone dosent need to know ..

so this is probably my negative post,
but i believe you make what you want of your life,
and that some people are just born whingers and aren't happy
unless they can make someone miserable, or play the
"poor me" victim ...

i think its a lot easier to smile &  be happy
rather than a grumpy old whinger ..

so smile and be happy so much better .


Monday, June 27, 2011

Decisions...decisions .... what to do ...

As in what to stitch today ...

such a BIG decision to make ...

Lizzie Kate Halloween Rules ...

Red work angels ...

My Fab 4 bestie Coral made 1 of these
for each of us at our GTG
I loved it so much I need to make
some for the special people in
my life as gifts ...

OR ...

Sebastians Shepherds Bush Stocking.
along with one for Madeline
will be hopefully finished by
Christmas ...2011 that is ..

Friday, June 24, 2011

Myley Cyrus concert ...

The concert was fantastic ..
and no more Hannah Montanna ..she's all grown up.
and think that some of the mums
there will be explaining to their 5 & 6yr olds
what "hannah' was doing

we were in the very back row  :-(
but we had a great view of the stage ..couldnt have got any better.
We caught the train up, and then with my 2 of the Fab 4
giving me directions from the station to
Rod Laver arena ..we got there.
( and it was rather easy I know will be doing it more)
once there we went thru the bag check, and they were
taking away..well you had to 'cloak" them, larger cameras
they were only letting in pocket size ones.
Now mine is over 4 years old and a little bigger than
pocket size and some of the smaller ones
have a better zoom than mine ..
but alas mine had to be 'cloaked'
so after doing that, buying a program $25 each ...eeks..
a poster and not for me
for the girls ..
we found out seats...
the support act was a guy Michael Paynter ..
boy was he good, going to search itunes later ..

So with only my magic telephone
aka iphone
i could only get these photos ...

She sang for over 1 1/2 hours..not many costume changes and
nothing you would rave about ..unlike Kylie Minogue ..
we all were up standing, dancing & singing .
I was amazed at how many Myley songs I knew   lol

Live concerts are so amazing, if I had the money
I would go to everyone ..
the sound and atmosphere is so fanastic..
i wish i could have that sound system
in my lounge..
think if I did i would be getting complaints
and have no roof ...

home and in bed by 1am ...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A girls night out ...

With Madeline and her friend
in Melbourne to see
Myley Cyrus ...
dont know whether I am excited or not

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A finish

Shepherds Bush
Merry Be
finished 21st June 2011.
Love stitching  this one,
the silk is so beautiful to work with.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 photos ...

 This is Seb & Mad at the
Eureka SkyDeck

They are actually outside the building
88 floors up
in a glass elevator type thing
that goes out instead of up/down.
The floor is frosted glass until they get
out, then it changes to clear.
They loved it and ended up sitting on the floor
looking down ...

And is this the most
pathetic dog ever ...
Milo ...
he scooted up one end of the blanket
and ended up this end, head on pillow
and fell asleep.
he woke up when I went to take this
photo ... 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SB Merry Be WIP ...

Since we did a Christmas theme at the GTG
I started on this ..
Shepherds Bush Merry Be ..

Its stitched over 2, with 1 strand of silk ..
how beautiful is silk to stitch with ??
and so very slippery, 
 I ended up putting  it in a hoop
which I never use  as its so fine ..and slippery .. lol

The Fab 4 inally in a photo ...

Melisa, Helen, me, Coral
and hononary 5th member

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend update of the Fab 4 ...

Well the weekend is over  :-( and it went so quick ..
but we had a ball ...

one of things we do is have
a GTG project.
this year it was Just Nans Gingerbread Stocking.
we stitched it before we got togther
and then put it togther ..with Corals help ..
this is how they turned out ...
 I was also very spoilt by gifts from the girls ...
below is the gift from Coral,
I was in on her secret with the boxes for us girls.
she was like a kid at christmas
so wxcited for us to open our presents..
and yes we were spolit ..

 inside the box ...
 hand made gifts and little surprises galore

Just Nans little pin keep, so cute and sweet ..

Gift from Helen, which was so appropriate ...

And since we were having a Christmas themed project, she made us a christmas
themed gift bag...
little christmas pins, Threadworx Christmas thread, and some Bohin needles to try.
 and for me...choc coated coffee beans...2 favourites in 1 ..chocolate & coffee

and from Lissy .. A Masterchef tea towel and pot holders...wonder how she knew I liked master chef  lol
And this beautiful Easter mat she made ...BTW ..she won a prize with this mat ..the prize ..cake of course  lol
so thats it for another year,
roll on 2012 for our next GTG
and we are in the middle of figuring out what the
2012 GTG project will be
Think its going to be somethig to do with food ..
as the Fab 4 loves FOOD ... xxxx

Saturday, June 11, 2011

an introduction to India ...

Half way thru our girls weekend ..
its going so quick ...
tonight was takeaway night and an introdution
to ....
INDIAN food ...

OMG ..what have I been missing out on ...????
 we are having a christmas
themed stitching weekend ..
so we decided to go with a
christmas themed dinner setting
with Indian food and Chinese fortune cookies ..
what to celebrate with great friends ..
 food for 4 ......
yes it was and thinking we were going to have
leftovers for lunch tomorrow
...that isnt happening ....
and last night I made chocolate ice cream topped
with Chocolate Persian fairy floss ...

christmas project 3/4's finished ...

more photos later ...
if we .... oops I mean I can roll of the couch...
they are the ones that have drunk the bottle of chapagne ..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

extra long weekend this weekend ...

and 3 of the most beautiful friends -Helen , Coral & Melissa AKA
The Fab 4
will be here with me for it ...

2 more sleeps i cant wait ...

if we can get photos ..that aren't incriminating
in anyway over the weekend I will post them ...

so hope everyone has a great weekend like i will

Sunday, June 5, 2011

baking ...

Made some choc mint ice-cream on Friday night ,

disappeared on Saturday tub and all -curtesy of my
Made more Saturday night
since Seb was "devasted" I gave it away ...

Sunday I made my very 1st Macarons ..
Donna Hay style ...
next time I will make them smaller, they are a little too large, and cook for
a shorter amount of time.