Friday, June 24, 2011

Myley Cyrus concert ...

The concert was fantastic ..
and no more Hannah Montanna ..she's all grown up.
and think that some of the mums
there will be explaining to their 5 & 6yr olds
what "hannah' was doing

we were in the very back row  :-(
but we had a great view of the stage ..couldnt have got any better.
We caught the train up, and then with my 2 of the Fab 4
giving me directions from the station to
Rod Laver arena ..we got there.
( and it was rather easy I know will be doing it more)
once there we went thru the bag check, and they were
taking away..well you had to 'cloak" them, larger cameras
they were only letting in pocket size ones.
Now mine is over 4 years old and a little bigger than
pocket size and some of the smaller ones
have a better zoom than mine ..
but alas mine had to be 'cloaked'
so after doing that, buying a program $25 each ...eeks..
a poster and not for me
for the girls ..
we found out seats...
the support act was a guy Michael Paynter ..
boy was he good, going to search itunes later ..

So with only my magic telephone
aka iphone
i could only get these photos ...

She sang for over 1 1/2 hours..not many costume changes and
nothing you would rave about ..unlike Kylie Minogue ..
we all were up standing, dancing & singing .
I was amazed at how many Myley songs I knew   lol

Live concerts are so amazing, if I had the money
I would go to everyone ..
the sound and atmosphere is so fanastic..
i wish i could have that sound system
in my lounge..
think if I did i would be getting complaints
and have no roof ...

home and in bed by 1am ...


Mel said...

Sounds great. I was going to take my camera to Bon Jovi but was afraid I would have to check it. Thing is they didn't check my bag, I could have taken my small one. I'd love to go see Def Leppard but hubby is being a bit of a twat about spending the money on tickets. I can see his point, but I still wanna go!!

Kim said...

Wow, you were pretty far back. Did Miley look like an ant? :-). Sounds like you had a great time. I agree, a few mums will have some 'splaining to do, she sure dropped the Hannah look pretty quickly.