Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Easter design

Started this one 2 days ago, and a bit concerned of the colour of
the floss- crescent colors Chalk. It has a "dirty" look to it. Will keep going
and see how it turns out..

Lee-Ann xx

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fab 4 group portraits ...

In no particular order...
Helen, Lissy, Coral & me...

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It's hot...

Too hot, I want rain and cooler temps please. Now is good!!

Even with the air con on its hot and I can't stitch.

My Sunday off and i planned to sit and stitch..but it's too hot.. Did I whinge about that already ?

And I just have been browsing the tv channels and I missed Miss Potter..the story of Miss Beatrix Potter. it has 20 mins to go. :-(

Oh hang on I have her autobiography..maybe I should read instead of stitch..

Ok I'm just whining...

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Friday, January 27, 2012


Since Easter eggs and hot cross buns are in the shops, I thought I
better get a start on Easter stitching

This is Lizzie Kate's easter

16/1/2012 - 27/1/2012

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Fun Australia Day

Yesterday Seb & I went to the
soccer at AAMI Park, Melbourne.
Melbourne Victory Vs Sydney

1st stop was lunch, and no little
common bakery with
crappy food..
Laurent Pattisserie
was it.
 Sebs toasted ham & bechamel sauce
 my chicken & leek pie
both were very delicious..

then he wanted 2nds ...
 his apple danish

my strawberry tart ..

then onto the soccer.
It was Australia Day so they
had an Australian citizenship ceremony there
before the game.

then Seb nearly fell out of his chair when he saw..

Mark Bosnich
 (For those who dont know who he is
He is a retired Australian football (soccer) player He represented Australia 17 times and played for English Premier League clubs Aston Villa, Manchester United and Chelsea.)

Then after the national athem..
which gives me chills down my spine
when the whole crowd 2o573 to be exact ..lol
sang it..well maybe not everyone ..

 silly photo of us ...
 we also saw the fox sports commentators
Mark Bosnich, Robbie Slater & ?? cant remember his name

 Harry Kewell...
1st goal..
lets all jump on him...

final score was 2 -2

I really enjoyed the day out with Seb
and love watching the games.
think next season I will be getting a season membership

Next Saturday Seb has been selected
to be "ball boy" ..the ones that are on the sidelines
who get the ball and throw
it back to the players
Melbourne Victory
Melbourne Heart.
heading to that game too.
and  should be a good game

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day 2012

Happy Australia Day
everyone ..
Hope everyone has a great relaxing day
Im off to the Soccer
Melbourne Victory Vs Sydney
with Seb..so no bbq for us today

On the 26th January 1788
Cpt Arthur Phillip
led the First Fleet into Australia.
 2 direct ancestors from my mothers side were among
the First Fleet passengers.
 Andrew stole 200lbs lead and was sentenced to 7 years transportation aboard the

This is a memorial plaque for Andrew,
Leticia was aboard the Prince of Wales
who was sentenced to 14 years transportation for
stealing 10 yards of printed cotton.
and embarked from Porthsmouth England
3rd May 1787
They were married 2nd March 1790
at Port Jackson.
They were then transported to Norfolk Island, then again to
Hobart Tasmania where they settled.

So without Andrew my family might not be here.
And interesting Leticia stole cotton
I have always wondered if she was a seamstess
and thats were i get my love of sewing from.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fab 4 day out.....

The fab 3 - Helen Coral & Lissy
came down to me today.
there was an 1850's embroidery exhibition
and we were going to have a look.

Started out with morning tea..
Red Velvet cake
curtesy of Mariann ( wadsworth) in the USA
she sent me 3 boxes of this cake mix ..thankyou xx

Then after a 2 1/2 hour catch up
headed out for lunch to
a small little cafe.
such a warm and beautiful day we found a
table in the shade and ate.
We were handed these golden books ..HUH ????
they were the menus ...
the menu...
if you read closely..last item
The miguel ...
we ordered 4 ...lol
but changed our minds and ordered the
yankee wagyu cheese burger instead ...
sounded devine and when it arrived
we looked at each other ..
what ???
it was tiny..see the sauce satchet beside it ..
it was a "slider" or mini burger
it was very tasty and we enjoyed it.

by time we finished catching up over
lunch it was too late for the exhibition ..

whe the 4 of us get together its chatter, laughter & food..

so back home for afternoon tea
provided by lissy..
small chocolate eclairs & the biggest
vanilla slice..

another good day out together even if we did
miss the exhibition ..

oh and another thing..
i brought an ornament tree.
I have wanted one for a while
and never saw one I liked..until now
I saw the photo, really liked the design
so ordered it over the internet.
ok so I didnt read the measurements ...

on how tall it was ....
yes its tall, if you look carefully on the
2nd tier from the top
there are a pr of small gingher scissors
hanging from the branch..
think its going to take a while
to fill it ...
or make it into an "everything " tree
christmas, easter, halloween, st pats day,
any other days ???

Friday, January 20, 2012

more christmas stash & WIP updates..

more christmas money converted to stash
 arrived yesterday & today..
 Camo fudge by stitches & spice
for this
 love the little upside down cat
in the top left corner..
 Moon beam by stitches & spice
for this
 Lizzie Kates
6 fat men
 CNN Sweet treats...

 and I started this

and oh boy....
I have just seen the new shepherds bush
black snowman - i have all but the red one
and the cutest pin cushion ..poor robins pin cushion
my Visa is having a fit with me even thinking
of ordering these..
but you know I am going too..but not
just yet ...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

ATTN : stitching friends and blog readers.. HELP !!!

I am after this chart, it's by Just Nan, and its Noah's sampler reborn
It was an exclusive kit to silver needle in 2006 or 8 I think.

It's for one of my dearest friends ( Helen of Fab 4 fame ) who's daughter is having a little boy and naming him Noah.

The Fab 4 are on a mission to track it down for her and her little grandson , who will also be adopted by the the Fab 3 as their little boy xx

Can anyone help??

If you want to sell it, trade it, kit or just chart email me at


And we can work something out.

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Location:ATTN: all stitching friends and readers.. HELP!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My inner gymnast appeared this morning while stepping in the shower. One foot went 1 way, the other stayed put, and the splits were almost complete. The after affect is now 1 very sore bottom of butt and hip, and wrist where I hit the shower screen...OUCH!!
No more fancy tricks from now on lol

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Christmas present

From my mum.. It was money which I converted into stash..
1 of 3 parcels to come..
It's like Christmas again..

And hoping this works as I am using my iPad to post for the 1st time...

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Monday, January 16, 2012

A day out ..

its still the summer school holidays
here and today was a warm one.
we decided to head to Melbourne
for the day.
1st stop was
go kart racing ..

Mad started off by getting out the pit
and hitting the tyre barrier...but it got better
to the point where she was a little speed
demon, and at one corner overlapping Seb
almost did a 360 turn and got herself back
the right way and off she went.

then into the city of Melbourne

The $40 million ferris wheel in the photo
is at Docklands - Victoria Harbour
it is almost 120m high,
around 38 storeys into the air featuring 21 air-conditioned glass cabins
 that showcase views stretching as far as Geelong.

Pity its half build as in
January 2009
excessive heat over a few days had buckled some bracing members.
April 2009
The Southern Star Observation Wheel - as its called now
was temporarily closed , and as a result of extensive design and technical reviews a conclusion was reached to build a new wheel.
The materials were imported and thought not to be up to Australian weather conditions standards.
December 2011
 The redesigned and partly rebuilt wheel started spinning for about a week ,then due to high winds
 breaking a winching arm, sending bolts flying and scattering workers.
So ..as you can see..its still
there and being built ..
Once it gets going again, I dont think
I want to be the 1st to ride it.
We parked at Victoria Harbour
had lunch,
then they have a small amusement park..we have been
there before and both Mad & Seb are up for any rides

and then they saw Aqua Balls..

they had a ball, and didnt want to
get out ..

then onto the dodgems ...

Then into the actual city
for some retail shopping..
well for Mad anyway ...lol