Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Milos burying techniques..

need refining a little ..
whenever he gets a treat / bone
he wont eat it straight away but will
bury it. So we try and stop him from
going outside and have it covered in dirt,
then try and bring it back in.
He doesnt dig the garden beds, but ever so gently
buries them in my potted plantes under
the pergola. You never know he has
done it, as there is never any dirty spilt out.
you only notice something strange when you
water the plants..
But when inside he still wants to bury it,
we all have a good laugh at where he
noses the item into the carpet, bean bag, couch, chair..not bones thou lol

this is his latest hiding spot, and of course
we cant see it ... !!
 opps..maybe someone can see it..
so a safer spot...
with electrical

who has taken a liking to
Mads pink rabbit ..


coral said...

He is adorable and what secrets could he tell listening in on Fab 4 conversations

xstliss said...

He is such a beautiful boy. One thing is for sure when we spend the weekend with you he is surely spoilt with all the pats.