Monday, April 28, 2008

Its my birthday ..

Yes its my birthday today 41 .....think i might go backwards now.

I am being spoilt so thats a plus ...

From Jon, Madeline & Sebastian - and according to Mad it was her idea - a digital photo frame which I have wanted for a long time. A really nice pink watch and some body shop girly stuff ....perfect gifts, they couldnt have chosen better, I also got a voucher for a " no cooking night" at La Porcetta - pizza/pasta. I asked if I have to use that tonight as we are going there for tea or can I use it at a later date ...think I have to use i tonight :-)

Also going out to lunch with mum today and then for coffee with 2 friends tomorrow, more coffee with another friend then on Thursday - only day we could get together. Think the partying should be over by then.

Well off to play with my digital frame and get ready for lunch.


Friday, April 25, 2008

kids and dog ......

I have just taken this photo of Madeline, Sebastian and Jasper who is now 17 yrs old. Thought I better get a decent photo of them before its too late. He is getting "old" now, almost blind and deaf but he can still eat ...and eat he does. We joke that he has forgotten that he has had his tea, so he comes back for more...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

starting back on this one

After finishing the last design, I have started -again - and going to finish Eloquent Christmas this year. Was going to try and have it hanging for 2007, that didnt happen, so Chrsitmas 2008 here we come

Finally completed.....

I have finally completed both cross stitch designs for Madeline (pink) & Sebastian (blue). Although the pink one I scanned looks purple but is pink ... I dont like the outcome at all, I will take a photo when the batteries have recharged in my camera. I got the book "Love you to the moon and back" when Madeline was a baby and read it to them both 100's of times, also say it to them before they go to sleep. So I thought this design was so perfect for them both.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Madelines sewing

This is Madelines 1st attempt at sewing. I am going to teach her how to cross stitch but she wanted to sew something. So I gave her some blanketing fabric and all my old tapestry threads and off she went.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sebastian and snakes .....

Well he has been at it again, this time with the help of his dad Jon ..... Sebastian got Jon to buy a rubber snake and they both decided to put it in the cupboard where the drinking glasses are kept. They tied the head to a bit a fishing line and then sticky taped the line to the inside of the door and curled the snake up on the shelf. So when I opened the door to get a glass the snake would fall out.

WELL YES IT DID !! ..... all three - Mad, Seb and Jon "cacked" themselves and thought it was so funny to hear me scream and have my heart almost out of my body. Apparently Sebastian has been nagging Jon for a week for him to buy it for him .. the sneaky or should I say "evil" little child has been planning this for a week on how to get me back for the spider in his bed last week - after he did it too me ..

Now what to do to him. And here is the snake.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sebastian and spiders .....

Sebastian has a small black plastic spider and has taken to thinking that if he hides it in places, he can scare the *&^%$ out of me !
I dont like spiders in any form - real or pretend.
2 nights ago he hid it under my pillow, 10.30 at night after watching CSI it was not a good idea .. this was after 3 other hiding places along with standing on it. I will give it to him that he hides "spidey" well.
So yesterday I went and got the hairy big one above - even the shop assistant scared me when she went and got it, I was distracted by something, looked away, looked back and there it was on the table ...heart rate back to normal a few minutes later ... I walked out with it in a big bag.
I hid it in his bed last night under his doona, it worked ... he he
Get up this morning I have hidden it on his cahir at the table , he hid his on the milk container, me - yes he got me again, him - it fell off the chair and all I got was "good one mum" .
might have to go hide his on him today ...
mean mean mummy xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Its Saturday ...

Both Madeline & Sebastian are starting soccer tomorrow. Could be interesting, Seb will be fine.

Madeline ...well ....after telling me green was not her colour, asking for a matching headband for her hair and what she is going to do with her hair ....well ....

Sebastian keeps telling her Princesses are not allowed on the team ...will see what happens after the game and if she wants to continue playing.

Back to school Monday and back to the routine, only under 2 months till we are off to Qld for 2 weeks.