Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Its Christmas Day ...

Well Christmas day has come and gone yet again. We were awake at 5.30am ...both on my bed checking out their stockings. We got up about 6am and waited for the others to get up. Finally at 6.45 the kids were into there Santa gifts. Spoilt once again. Sebastian got a PS2 guitar hero, buzz game,books, super hero stuff, batman lego, bike. Madeline got heaps of Roxy clothes, cd holder,lunch box. earings, books, digital camera, lamp ....way to spoilt.
Me ...i got clothes, body products, 2 books, gift vouchers and the children got me a t.v. for the bedroom, so know we can finally watch DVD's in bed.
Today the house is sort of back to normal, presents still everywhere and every one is back (16) for tea tonight.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A visit to see Santa

Headed into Myer today to visit Santa. Madeline wants books and Sebastian wants a Fantastic 4 "Stretchy Reed" and a test tube Alien ..if only it was that easy !!
Went and got some more decorations, and a new set of lights. Spent an hour last night looking for the one that wasn't working - gave up so just went and got another set - another 300.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

ok I have too much time on my hands

come see my elves ....

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Yes its beginning to look a lot like Santa will be arriving here soon, the countdown has begun.

The advent calender has started and a chocolate before breakfast will be happening for the next 24 days. Lucky they are only small chocolate coins. But when is chocolate bad any time of day - well for mums anyway :-)

The tree is up and of course some of the lights dont' work, so will wait until they go on tonight and go thru everyone, lucky there are only about 300 to check !! Whats the bet its the second to last one.

We are heading into Myer tomorrow to get the Santa photos done and both Madeline & Sebastian can tell Santa what they want. We will do the official Santa letters next week.
Presents under the tree and only 23 more sleeps .....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Madeline

The day has finally arrived. We were woken up at 6.03am again. After opening all presents, clothes, books, hair dryer and accessories, roxy backpack and the eyeclops she wanted, we were out looking at 6.45am for bugs....the eyeclops is like a microscope that you plug into your t.v. and it enlarges the image 200 times. Never knew that bugs are so ugly and hairy. Even our skin looks creepy. But Madeline loves it.
After a breakfast of croissants - her choice, we got ready for the BBQ lunch. It was drizzling early in the morning, but turned into a beautiful day.
One very spoilt 9 year old. A golf bangle from nanna, p.j's and sandals from granny & grandpa, heaps of Roxy clothes - the "IN' thing at the minute. More clothes and money. I can see a shopping spree coming on.
So after a weekend of 2 parties, 2 birthday cakes , party food, bbq, pav, cheesecake and dips, the birthday girl is in bed at 7.30pm alseep....
Happy Birthday Madeline xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy 9th Birthday Madeline xxxx

Birthday party Number 1.

Yes we have more than 1 party! Friday night Madeline had a pyjama party with 4 girls, 2 slept over. We had games and lots of party food. The girls got their hair braided with beads and decorated wooded initials. The 3 girls finally got to sleep just after 10.30pm and were awake at 6.13am - I know the time cause I thought they had slept in....silly me !

Sunday is the BIG day - turning 9, where have all those years gone ??? Our beautiful little girl is growing up.

So Sunday morning we will be up early again to open up the presents and get ready for party number 2.

We are having 24 here for a family bbq lunch. No doubt the birthday girl will be spoilt as usual. I cant help it, she is only 9 once ...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jump Mania and Demolition Derby.

Today is totally miserable outside, its hasnt stopped raining since last night. We need the rain, but not this much at once !
Finally got photos from my phone to the computer - Jon had to do it as I had no idea, so we are a week behind.

Last Saturday we went to see Jump Mania in Melbourne. Jon dropped Madeline and myself in the city while him and Sebastian found a park close the Rod Laver Arena. We headed off to Myer, checked out the Christmas decorations - could have spent a fortune, then to the book dept - a favourite of us both, she ended up getting a book of course - mummy can't say no to that. Then Madeline thought she was so "cool" as she got " sprayed " by one of the perfume ladies with Kylie Minogues new scent. Then we had to go and try out Gwen Steffani - sprayed that on a piece of card. Which is now her bookmark !

Met back with Jon and Seb at Minatour - Sebastians favourite shop - AKA - The bat Shop. We spend at least 1/2 - 1 hr in there looking and waiting for Sebastian to decide what to buy.

We had tea in the city then onto the show.Sebastian was so excited to go as they had the Monster Bat mobile truck, and Monster Scooby Doo truck. Finally started, all the trucks came out, then it was the Batmobiles turn to crush the cars. He went over it 3 times and on the last time, the truck got caught on the last car, which rolled over and cut the fuel to steer the trucks front wheels. So that was the end of the Bat mobile :-(

They also had guys on motor bikes jumping of ramps and doing tricks. Then the Scooby Doo truck came out and did exactly the same thing as the Batmobile, but it was the back wheels. Then it was time for the Delicious derby - as Seb called it. The kids loved seeing the cars going backwards and ramming into each other.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Playing with the camera again !

Yes .... playing with my camera again. Trying the different settings this time. This is a fun one to play with. You can take a photo and just highlight 1 colour, the rest is in black & white.

Another hobby

Another hobby of mine is Cross Stitch, this is a work in progress, and hopefully should be finished by Christmas this year 2007 !

More scrapbooking pages done

This is another page I have completed, course it is of my beautiful girl.

Its a jigsaw puzzle which I covered in paper and joined together

The childrens school is having an art show in November, and they have asked to do some sort of art form relating to their pets. So both decied to do a scrapbook page - what else !!
Ist one is Madelines, 2nd Sebastian with Jasper.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Brother & Sister

I have been playing around with my camera and bribed them both to be my models. We had a fun morning and got a heap of different shots.

This is one of my favourites.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday 6th October - Crop for a Cause

On Saturday Madeline along with a friend of hers and I went to a scrapbooking day together - her 1st and she loved it. We started at 10 and Madeline was finished by 1.30.
I continued on to 10pm.
I do scrapbooking with a group of great ladies and for a cause. This time we did Christmas in a box. We had to fill a shoe box with gifts for children overseas.
Madeline and her friend made cubes. This is her finished cube and quite proud of it, her and Jasper the dog on it.
I completed a few christmas pages for 2006 and even though its a few months away 2007.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

School holidays are nearly over

The School holidays are nearly over and we have done quite a few things.
Tuesday we went to Jan Juc beach and had a fun afternoon with friends paddling in the water and taking photos - can never have enough photos :-)
On Wednesday we went to Adventure Park at Wallington with friends. The kids had a ball, loved the baby animals, paddle boats, mini golf - although after Seb getting 21 on one hole, we thought it better to give up at the 9th hole rather that the 18th !

On Thursday we went to Phillip Island for the day. Left at 8.30 in the morning and arrived in San Remo in time to watch the local pelicans being feed. Madeline counted 19, but was a bit confused as a few were taking off as others were landing. Fish & chips for lunch down at the beach - a bit cold and too windy to sit outside so ate in the car.

Went to A'mazing Things in Phillip Island after lunch . Mad & Seb loved the Optical Illussions display. As you can see - Heads on a platter - dont know how they got that way !!
Then we ventured into the huge maze. Sebastian led the way then "cracked it" as we kept going back to the same spot. After about 30 minutes we were finally led out by Madeline, what a relief, thought we were going to spend the night there.

We also went up to Nobbys beach to see the seals but none could be seen. It was so windy and cold we headed onto the penguin parade.
Madeline noticed a sign about adopting a penguin. She was already to adopt one and planning to pick one out to bring it home, had to break the news - we just pay for it and they stay there - was not happy about that idea.
All rugged up and sitting in the viewing area they started to arrived about 6.40pm. They were so small- as you walk back to the main building you can see them heading to their homes.
On Saturday it was the AFL grand final with Geelong playing Port Adelaide. Well Geelong is still in celebration mode 5 days later after winning by the biggest win and after 44 years trying to get that trophy. We are not football fans - but couldnt help get into the "blue & white" like everyone else. Mad & Seb decorated the letter box !
Sunday was the celebration for Mike & Joyces ( parents in law ) 50th wedding anniversary. Its was a miserable day outside, but a great day inside reliving old memories and catching up with the family.

My 2 most favourite people

These are my 2 most favourite people.
My children - Madeline & Sebastian.