Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Its Christmas Day ...

Well Christmas day has come and gone yet again. We were awake at 5.30am ...both on my bed checking out their stockings. We got up about 6am and waited for the others to get up. Finally at 6.45 the kids were into there Santa gifts. Spoilt once again. Sebastian got a PS2 guitar hero, buzz game,books, super hero stuff, batman lego, bike. Madeline got heaps of Roxy clothes, cd holder,lunch box. earings, books, digital camera, lamp ....way to spoilt.
Me ...i got clothes, body products, 2 books, gift vouchers and the children got me a t.v. for the bedroom, so know we can finally watch DVD's in bed.
Today the house is sort of back to normal, presents still everywhere and every one is back (16) for tea tonight.

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