Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend fun ....

Last Thursday Helen came down for
a few days,
We ate, drank, shopped & stitched...

Thursday was just a relaxing afternoon
catching up with each other ..
Friday after dropping the kids at school,
we headed to the local embroidery guild exhibition.
It was small, but quite a few displays
that were nice.
We both picked up this christmas ornament.
I'm thinking of putting candy canes in it
then off to
Paritz Cafe for morning tea..
iced coffee & this Brest
it was HUGE ..Helens iphone is beside it
for size..

Then to the quilt shop ..
and we scored bargains..
we cant quilt , so we buy ..

Helen picked this one

I picked up this Christmas  one for my wall.
Just need to get some dowl to hang it.
Then out to lunch, spotlight, school pick up
then back home for tea..and a drink..
 Saturday we started with French toast for breakfast
we then stitched all day,
roast pork..heaps of crackling and vegies for dinner.
then we watched Muriels wedding..
such  a great Aussie movie..

Sunday our last day of stitching
this is what I was doing..
LHN Baked Goods ornament.
This is such an appropriate ornanament
for me ...
love, love, love Christmas
( already have brought decorations.. )
and baking ..

Back to normal now  :-(
next time think we need a week, it just goes too quick.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some finishes ...

my little Quaker snowman,
done on perferated paper.
stitched and finished in 2 days..
a record for me

Mill Hill Santa.

I had finished this ..I cant remember when ??
but it was sitting waiting me to finish the other
2 companion santas.
that's not going to happen soon :-)
so with a Fab 4 Lissy
suggestion, I made it into a
No Sew Cube.
OMG ..these are brilliant, who-ever came up
with the idea is fantastic
and deserves a gold star
no sewing machine ...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

embroidery heart ..

after finishing the stockings & pillow,
I was "lost".
i got out and kitted up LHN "christmas baking"
but remembered I had this heart
all ready to stitch.
I had some rich purple perle
so used that.
I love this, and will be making
a few more.
it only took 2 nights rom start to finish.
Going to do a green for my christmas ornament tree
which is still in its natural form ..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally some finishes...

Boo Club
11 October 2011
After 2 days of having a good relationship
with the sewing machine   -our past history hasnt been good!
I have finished 4 things ...
Above is
Lizzie Kate Boo Club
I know we dont celebrate Halloween in Australia
but I love the colours.
especially purple & orange.
The back is lined with the orange.

 Sebastians Stocking
11 October 2011
And after 12 years both Mad & Seb have
christmas stockings..they still have their
pillow case style ones.
these are a keepsake / heirloom I hope.

They are Shepherds Bush
Harry & Elisabeth charts.

 the back of his stocking,

 Madelines Stocking
11 October 2011
I still need to do her
"made by" label
11 October 2011
And Shepherds Bush
Merry Be ...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like


in OCTOBER !!!

78 more sleeps to be exact ...

I took Mad & Seb to Melbourne today
with my mum and met up with
my BFF Helen ..who needed a day out xx
last day of the school holidays, and
of course we ate ...

apple danish
iced chocolate
for kids

mango-passionfruit & chocolate
macaron for me
at Laurent ...

then off shopping, went to Myer
and found the
christmas department ...
 Seb browsing ...

a funky bright tree ..

or an
 themed tree

or a $5500
full size reindeer in pink & white stripped tights
candle holder - antellers hold the candles

I brought my 2011 ornament
and one for my new neice, oh and another
3 ..
and found this ornament tree
note sure if I should leave
it raw or paint it ..

a day out with 4 of my favourite people
doing my 2 of my favourite things..
eating & christmas