Monday, February 21, 2011


Went and saw mum tonight, she was sitting up slightly, eating
a sandwich and having a coffee -to stop the vomiting.
She has pain meds going directly into her thigh rather than a drip or tablets.
that will be in for about 2-3 days.
She was better than what I thought which was a relief.
Up tomorrow walking ...thats going to be the hard part.
But positiv this new knee wil be 100% better for her.
She is 68 & 8 mths old - only know as it was on her
arm band ..hehe .. and all the doctors
have said how healthy & strong she is...
Before she went in this morning, they gave her 2 "panadol"
dont think it was the type we take everyday, but a hospital
version really realxed and her and made her rather silly lol
she commented tonight she is going to ask for some for home..
think i might get some too ..hehe

catch up ...

Just a quick catch up today, nothing happening except for having Sebastian home
sick since Saturday. Some weird gastro thing. Was sick Sat morning and again this morning at 2.18am ..well thats what the clock said. lol
and pains in the belly, so he now has a hot water bottle on him to help ease it.
To top that off I am about to take my mum into hospital for a knee replacement. She will be in 4-5 days, then out to rehab for 5-10 days, then here with us for who knows how long. we havent lived together for over 26 years ..wonder who will crach first lol...
I will keep you posted on how she goes ...oh and me lol

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Portraits of a different kind ....

I forgot I had these portraits ...
We had them done in Las Vegas at Circus Circus
where we stayed. In the hotel they have
a floor with an amusement park..roller coaster, water slide etc ...
and side show games ...and a artist who does
these drawings.
Both wanted to get them done,
Seb went first, but Mad went back the next day
as she wanted to take a photo of Milo
with her so her could draw him & her..
yes she took a photo of Milo on our trip and took
it everywhere ...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Madelines 1st day of Yr 7

Seb started last Friday, Madeline today - Monday
had to ge them together ...
and OMG how many books does a Yr 7 need ...

needed a trailer to carry them out ..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Summer thunderstorms ...

were happening last night, torrential rain, thunder and a great
lightning show until after 10.30pm.
we do need rain but not this much ...
everyone needs a break from the last floods a week ago ,,
whats Mother Nature doing ?

Friday, February 4, 2011

1st day of school

grade 4 for Sebastian
and not happy because i want a photo
and he just wants to go ..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cyclone Yasi

is on its way .. and cannot imagine what its going to be like.
I am safe, Queensland for those who dont know is at the top right
side of Australia. I am at the botton, an hour from Melbourne.
Queensland have just had the devasting floods and are in cleaning up
mode, and disater relief fundraising is still happening this ...
the disaster relief centres are full, hospitals have been evacuated
and left empty incase of emergencies.
All police, paramedics, army have been brought in.
I also found this comparrison to
Hurricane Katrina in 2005 ...
Its not looking good, and everyone is
praying it will die down before it hits land


well there is only 1 day left of school holidays for Sebastian,

and until Monday for Madeline.

They have been on summer /end of school year holidays

since December 17th.

I cant believe the holidays are over and Seb will be in grade 4

& Mad in Yr 7 ...

where have the holidays gone, better still where have my babies

gone ??

we have had fun swimming ..them not me lol, pictures, trips to Melbourne,

shopping, lunch dates, play dates .. sleepovers, and christmas in that


But where have my babies gone, they are now both well mannered, kind, gentle

small adults ..cant call them babies anymore.

They also can look me in the eye, and I will end up looking up at them ..

so far so good with raising them, and with Madeline & the teenage years

about to begin, is going to be so much fun ..hehe

hopefully her dad and I have installed values in her

that she will understand & keep ..

Santa, Easter Bunny & the tooth fairy are

now mythical creatures, Thomas the tank, bob the builder, wiggles ...are no longer watched.

Its Premier UK league soccer and discussions about the game, Mythbusters,

Glee, Lady GaGa, Katie Perry,

no more Happy Meals but outdoor cafe style

eateries ..

they can do the dishes & make their beds, also vacumm -thats a bonus

and "mum you're embarassing" lol

No more bed time stories, but grown up converstions about facts of life .. arrghhh..

but they are and will be always my babies no matter how big they get

and the coverstaions & questions they ask ..

and santa & easter bunny will still be visiting

this house ...