Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the lego is complete..

and only took him about 6 hrs for this one alone.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Some stitching ...

Lizzie Kate Dream/Believe banner.
as of today 29/3/10
just moving it up, so heaps of creases..

School holiday activity ...

this is only one box..the biggest and had to bring in the trestle table
so should keep him amused for at least a day before he finishes it LOL

Sebs soccer grand final

they won
4 nil
Seb 2 goals, Ruby 2 goals.
this was there last indoor soccer game together.
All going to different teams now.
They all played well together..good job.

Pep talk before the game..

the winning team

best friends and soocer buddies.
Seb & Jed

with their Premiership trophies

Monday, March 22, 2010

Its back to normal ...

and I dont like it ..LOL

would rather be at Disneyland feeling like I am going to throw up on one of the rides the kids drag me onto .. anywhere but here ..

have caught a bad cold since arriving home, so a visit to the doctor - to make sure I havent brought a "mystery" virus back along with everything else ..no just rest - haha and some medicine and feeling better.

went thru all the photos over 2000 ...am in photo withdrawal, need to take a photo soon LOL and have just been and printed out about 360, some for the kids to scrapbook over the school holidays, which I knew but didnt register its this weekend ! then its easter ..think easter bunny is going cheap this year !

Its going to be a cheap school holidays and they can spend it at home and do their photos, I am planning on getting some stitching in, have touched it since a week before we left, since being home it been busy. Back at work on Saturday - didnt forget a thing LOL and Seb had is soccer breakup on Sunday, but he is playing his last indoor soccer game - the grand final this Sunday.

so not much to report...and no photos ...going to have to take one of something ..xxxx

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ok, so here is what I brought home ...

heaps of Wilton sprinkles and had to get a Red Velvet cake mix.
Ghirardelli Chocolate is in San Fransico..so close but yet to far away, so got the next best thing.. cook book and chocolate

Got to have mags ..

and cupcake books ..

ans cooking utensils, apron, cookie cutter and sprinkles
from disneyland

this was a must..a lego man and block cake mould and cookie cutters.

our own ears ..

bits and pieces ..

more book and stuff

Madelines purchase for Milo,
US$5 for a doggie biscuit !

and a dog snuggie ..couldnt forget Milo..

ok now for the stitching stash ...

Goodbye USA & Disneyland

The bags are packed , and a few more hours before we leave.
Lucky we didnt have excess baggage LOL
Last day in Downtown Disney, the ESPN sport bar - where Seb spent his birthday watching Man U play in huge black leather recliners ..they had the UEFA Champions League trophy on display. It has been travelling the world, so Jon & Seb just had to go see it ..if your not into soccer ...dont worry about it LOL.
Because it was sponsered by Heineken, under 21's couldnt get their photo taken with the cup, so took a sneaky shot ..whats a mum to do otherwise ??

Goodbye Disneyland ...we had a blast..will be back.

A few more photos ...

I just loved the fireworks at Disneyland, and the different effects of lighting on the castle..it took your breath away
Kids in the swimming pool having fun

Mary poppins in front of the castle

our last evening meal we decided to spurlge and get dessert,
menu said " A piece of pie" so I ordered banana cream, Seb - apple, Mad - choc, Jon - lemon meringue..
we got a PIE EACH ! they would have been the size of a big saucer ..and no we didnt get thru it LOL
Walt & Mickey in front of Cinderalla's Castle

The Hidden Mickey in the fireworks ..

more fireworks and colou

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 18..its home time

its currently 8.10am and about to check out of the Hotel. Then off to disneyland for the day, before we get picked up to catch our flight back home at 8.30 tonight. we are to arrive in melb at 10.20am Tuesday.

Last night was the fireworks and we stood near 2 ladies who come all the time, they told us so much interesting info that you wouldn't normaly know ...if its too windy before the fireworks start, they release plain white balloons to see the wind direction, they dont sell plain white balloons so its a sign if they send up 1 or a few as the whether its on. We saw them last night as it was windy, fireworls went ahead.

Also around the park they have "hidden mickeys" you have to find, one is in the freworks, they told me when and i got a great photo- will post it when I get home.

well about to turn off computer for last time in Disneyland, California USA ..

see you all real soon xxx

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 15 - Legoland

And everything at Legoland is based on lego or made of Lego !
Seb was like a child in a candy store - a bit like me in the cross stitch store haha
as soon as we got in..straight to the Big Shop as its called and he was so confused as what to buy.
He ended up getting for the day 5 Star wars sets, all of which I dont think you can get in
Australia, so he was one very happy boy..and now he has no spending money left.
Used all his money he had saved and his birthday money, but that is what he was planning on doing, so he did well to last 15 days and only spend a little. Mnd you I think I have spent heaps !
there were quite a few rides they went on which they enjoyed, but think overall he was a little to old for the park..the shops no, but rides yes.
there was one ride I went on with him, a spray boat, where you spray water canons, well we ended up soaked . .. photos below, and another ride with a mechanical arm that flips you every which way, they loved that and went on it 3 times.

a little wet but so much fun

every year since Seb was born I always take a photo with his Bob the Builder doll on his birthday, to see how much he has grown.Well bob isnt here, so we had to take a photo with this Bob. But this Bob is so much bigger than his one back home

all his goodies

Sebs 9th birthday celebrations

today was Sebs 9th birthday and up at 6am all excited, opened his presents - an Ipod, socceroos t's, Man U jacket and a mickey soccer player statue, also money from nan & granny.
headed out for breakfast at the disneyland hotel with goofy and friends get in the car at 8.15am, the car clock says 7.15am, and so do our waches ..umm the maid must have accidently changed the time on the room clock, we were actually awake at 5am !
The breakfast was buffet style..well the kids ended up having ice cream and jelly for breakfast along with pancakes, waffles, chicken - Mad ! cupcakes, hotdog -Seb and they thought that was great ..hey we are on holidays so no probs
we all had the peanut & jelly (jam) pizza ..OMG I could hardly open my mouth after the 1st bite, it was so gooey, thought i might not get my mouth open for a while, should have given Mad another piece to stop her talking for an hour or so haha
didnt go back for 2nds, but did have eggs benidict, bacon and scrambled eggs, mickey shaped pancake, orange juice, cofee and to top it off a sugar free cupcake ...as if that helps ..and didnt eat a thing till tea tonight ! Seb also got a choc cupcake birthday cake and the staff sang happy birthday, also had photos with characters.

at tea i arranged to get a banana split with a candle in it ..well 1 banana, 3 scoops ice cream, choc, stawberry, & pineapple topping, strawberries and whipped cream..oh and cherry on top .. they use that cream out of a tin and its not nice ..but we still ate it haha .. they dont do small meals here i have finally figured out ..

Seb had a great day, and got a special birthday badge and every disney employee that saw him wished him a happy birthday by name. Thursday is legoland

peanut butter and Jelly (jam) pizza

birthday cupcake

check out the size of the strawberry..and it was juicy and sweet

Seb in his goofy hat and Mad as a blonde

birthday boy and his mum xx

his birthday ice cream banana split sundae