Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 6 ..California Adventure Park

Which is opposite Disneyland, and the "newer" theme park, with the recent Disney characters, Bugs Life, Toy Story, Cars ..
So more rides, they both loved the Hollywood Tower - Of terror ! I skipped that one, and I also skipped the rollercoaster.
Lots of walking again today, and another parade, but we didnt get to go in this one.
Tomorow is a tour of Warner Bros. Studios

This is Mad & Seb on the rollercoaster upside down.

Chip & Dale, but no idea who is who !

Asking Mad is she wants to go on the Horror house ride.
No she doesnt, can go on scary upside down rollercoasters, but not go thru a walking horror house.
Think the last one at Universal where Chucky came forward with an axe might have scared her Haha.
The pasrade

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Bronny said...

Oh I love 'Luzz Bite-year!!!' - my boys think I'm mad.
Loving all your photos