Thursday, March 18, 2010

ok, so here is what I brought home ...

heaps of Wilton sprinkles and had to get a Red Velvet cake mix.
Ghirardelli Chocolate is in San close but yet to far away, so got the next best thing.. cook book and chocolate

Got to have mags ..

and cupcake books ..

ans cooking utensils, apron, cookie cutter and sprinkles
from disneyland

this was a must..a lego man and block cake mould and cookie cutters.

our own ears ..

bits and pieces ..

more book and stuff

Madelines purchase for Milo,
US$5 for a doggie biscuit !

and a dog snuggie ..couldnt forget Milo..

ok now for the stitching stash ...


Bronny said...



How did you fit all this into your suitcase?
MMMM chocolate... and all those mags - will you have time to read them all??
I want to see photos of the lego cakes when they are done
How long did the biscuit last???
Did you get your own snuggie?
Stitching Stash ! ! ! ! !

oh my!!

Counting Bats is on my wish list - I really want to see that when it's done. I love the piggy biscornu. AND House of a Needleworker.... AND snowman charts!!!
I think I would have left clothes behind if there were no other way to bring it all home.
So many pretty things - you lucky girl!
Thank you for sharing your holiday with us - I've had fun too!

Jane said...

Welcome back! Loved reading about your adventures while you were away. Thanks for keeping us updated.

marylin & poussy said...

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Friendship of FRANCE

Rachel S said...

I bought that Cupcakes and More magazine. It has some yummy looking recipes.

Looks like you brought home some great stash! Baking and otherwise.