Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 9 Hollywood, Rodeo Drv & Fireworks

First we went to pick up the 2nd car and the kids got very excited when they saw it...
until we said....its the BLUE one ! haha

Then off to Hollywood, a very dirty and run down town, so it was very surprising to see it.
We found a park and knew we were close to Graumans Chinese Theartre, and we walked thru this huge building...The Kodak Theatre, where the Oscars are this Sunday night.

Got to walk the red carpet the stars walk ..but we had plastic on it haha

We then walked the sidewalk to see the hollywood stars tying to find elizabeth Montgomerys, Mads favourite star from bewitched..well we found it, along with Barbara eden from I dream of Jeannie, so she was vey happy.

Then onto Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, you can see as you leave one suburb and soon as you hit the Beverly Hills sign the landscape changes from average to very opulant.

Rodeo Drv was just a street with very expensive shops, Cartier, jimmy Choo, Chanel, Versace ..

no film stars..

Then back to hotel to change, then to Disneyland for the fireworks, and they were fantastic. All the castle photos where on the one night with the fireworks and not sure if I posted a photo of tinkerbell flying around, if not I will later ...

today back to universal and disneyland ..

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Bronny said...

All those famous signatures - I would have been tripping over my feet trying to read them all. I see that 'Oscar' is covered in plastic too. - How to feel special though - walking the 'same' red carpet!
Great photos!