Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stash buying ...

At the Melbourne Quilt & Craft show yesterday.

The fab 4 met up for the day, and of course we found cake..
well muffins to eat.
we cant have a day out
together without cake of some sort ..

I have wanted this chart for years, and when I saw
it had been reduced by $35
I just had to get it ..then ...
because I didnt like
the Aida in it I went to
Stitches & Spice and
picked up this fabric to use.

and for someone who has just
decided to make a hexagon quilt
I went a little crazy buying farbic ..
and also encouraged by my wonderful
Fab 3 ..

and then I saw this .....
and of course what was i to do ..
but buy it !!
they ran out of the other panels,
but I can order that, or see if
the quilt shop has it.
they also had a quilt in the
Grinch that stole christmas ..
I need that too ...

oh and had to buy this soccer ball
fabric too.
cant go home without it ..

and then Helen gave me this ...
Noel by The Sweetheart tree ..
we both saw and loved it,
she brought it for me as a thankyou for giving her
 a zip bag I brought that was too big..
she didnt have to do it,
but love her that she did xx

then this is the
FAB 4 2012 GTG piece
Sweet Treats
by CNN.
we all purchased the fabric for this
project at stitches & spice.
Noami didnt have
3 pieces in the same colour at the show
so she is dying it for us and
coming by mail...
why 3 when there are 4 of us..

the Rebel of the Group ...Lissy
is an adaptor ..she likes to
tweek and modify her
work..and it always looks
so she has chosen a different
colour to  us ...

once again it was a great day,
chatting, shopping, eating ..
this is what we do well toether ...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gone to the dark Side.......

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

To make a hexagon quilt!!

Went to a quilting shop to check out a magazine about hexagon quilts...just to look
And this is what I came out magazine lol

Whoops photo to big, just click on it.

Need to also figure out how to resize photos on my iPad.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Isn't she pretty...

My new Ipad2

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

And doing this post from it now, and fingers crossed the photos work.
It's only taken a few hours to work out ... Mainly because the kids have been taking it in turns of using it. To the point of setting a timer lol
But now it's mine and I love her and her purple case xxx

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fundraising & cupcakes ...

cant get any better than that.
Madeline wants to do this fundraiser
so we are in the planning stages.
She has signed up and registered.
We are thinking we will hold an open afternoon
on the Saturday before
where friends & family can pop in for a cupcake
for a donation of course ...
and then that night she wants
to have all her friends over
for a cupcake movie night.
we can get a huge movie screen so planning
on using that - no idea to the movie yet ..
gold coin donation for entry ..
I have also picked up some tiny cupcake cases
so we can make some "dog friendly"
cupcakes ..
will keep you posted on what we are doing ..
any ideas are welcome ..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

redwork angels ...

Finished the 4 yesterday,
they just need to be pressed..
they were so fun to
stitch..easy while watching t.v
at night ..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday

MILO ...
he is 3 tomorrow ..

and is 1 very spoilt dog,
we had his birthday party last night
and had family over for tea..
organised by Mad & Seb ...
and of course he got presents..
2 pkts schmakos & a squeaky toy.
Big day is tomorrow
so he has an extra nice breakfast
and he has another squeaky toy
to open ...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

school holidays ....

are into the 2nd week and kids have cost me a fortune ..
think thats the only reason why I work
 but they are having a good time, pictures, extra kids here,
kids there, Mad had a "luncheon" for 5 girls from
her school on Monday, they had a great time.
we are home today
and doing nothing..pyjama day I think ..for them, not me..
yesterday a dentist visit, all had been fine up until I heard the word
Apprently both have a "deep bite". Mad needs to see
an orthadontist straight away since she is getting to the
slower stage of growing, so need to make an
appointment, Seb can wait another 2 years as he is still
growing ...
there goes my tax return i think  :-(
i was hoping to get an Ipad ...oh well
teeth come first ..but hopefully
she wont neeed them..fingers crossed.

also one of the fab 4 has been very bad..
showing us a picture - above

did i need it..yes I did ...

have been stitching on Sebs SB stocking, started
LK Halloween rules, and been stitching on the
redwork angels, onto #3.
i also was bad and ordered another set of
christmas designs .. have traced 4 of those ready to
go.they are easy to stich while watching t.v.
ok Masterchef ..and oh how frustrated I am getting with that
show...not being mean but
Sun, Danni & Ellie have to go ...
Hayden & Billie in final 2 ..
well thats my prediction ..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A night out ..

Last night we went and saw The Sound Of Music at the Astor Theatre in Melbourne,
The cinema was built in the 1930s and still has the art-deco decor of that period. It has the old feel about it, the old chairs that go up when you get off, the "powder" room for the ladies, you can  enjoy some of The Astor's famous cake and their famous home made choc top ice creams ...omg their chocolate is so thick ...
They have sessions with all the old classics playing, we have seen Gone with the wind, Mary Poppins -the sing along version,,where the little ball bounces over the words, House of Wax ..cant remember the others ...
the kids love going and its got such an atmosphere about it, when you go see a "golden oldie"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dead chicken sliding ...

We were having family for tea last night and  I was about to wash & stuff the chicken and a friend popped over.
while talking to her while I was doing the above.
I picked up the chicken ready to put in the baking tray, all cleaned & stuffed, when it slipped out if my hands,  slid along the sink, straight onto the floor and slid under the chair a few feet away.
friend  & I looked at one another and burst into laughter ..

I've never seen a chicken slide so quick and far..especially for a dead one ..

I quickly grabbed it up , the ?? Second rule applied here,
I  had too, as I only had a small piece of pork and 3 out of 5 don't eat pork
So I re washed the chickens bottom and then in oven ... no one knew, and still dont  lol

2ndly I decided to make a jam steamed pudding which I have made before

Get eggs out if fridge , went back for another 2 and go to shut fridge
And somehow 1 egg "flies" and I mean fly ... out of my hand ....
Think my body was possessed and the egg landed from the fridge to the window sill
another few feet ...and if i think about it the same distance as the chicken ...

Im now thinking ..chicken...egg .... ????? have I done something bad to the poultry
industry ...

3rdly  the pudding is boiling away nicely, go to check it and the lid has popped off !!!
quickly rescue it ,and put lid back on , I  think it just happened as I open the saucepan lid.
Go to serve the pudding , the top is a mushy slushy mess
Bottom good.... if i had been in masterchef, I would have gone straight to the elimination round for sure , just on looks  lol
So I scrape top off, make custard, warm some jam - ta helen xx
And serve the bottom bit ...
Everyone ate it all

so tonight wasnt masterchef in this kitchen was