Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dead chicken sliding ...

We were having family for tea last night and  I was about to wash & stuff the chicken and a friend popped over.
while talking to her while I was doing the above.
I picked up the chicken ready to put in the baking tray, all cleaned & stuffed, when it slipped out if my hands,  slid along the sink, straight onto the floor and slid under the chair a few feet away.
friend  & I looked at one another and burst into laughter ..

I've never seen a chicken slide so quick and far..especially for a dead one ..

I quickly grabbed it up , the ?? Second rule applied here,
I  had too, as I only had a small piece of pork and 3 out of 5 don't eat pork
So I re washed the chickens bottom and then in oven ... no one knew, and still dont  lol

2ndly I decided to make a jam steamed pudding which I have made before

Get eggs out if fridge , went back for another 2 and go to shut fridge
And somehow 1 egg "flies" and I mean fly ... out of my hand ....
Think my body was possessed and the egg landed from the fridge to the window sill
another few feet ...and if i think about it the same distance as the chicken ...

Im now thinking ..chicken...egg .... ????? have I done something bad to the poultry
industry ...

3rdly  the pudding is boiling away nicely, go to check it and the lid has popped off !!!
quickly rescue it ,and put lid back on , I  think it just happened as I open the saucepan lid.
Go to serve the pudding , the top is a mushy slushy mess
Bottom good.... if i had been in masterchef, I would have gone straight to the elimination round for sure , just on looks  lol
So I scrape top off, make custard, warm some jam - ta helen xx
And serve the bottom bit ...
Everyone ate it all

so tonight wasnt masterchef in this kitchen was


Bronny said...

At least you didn't end up smoking out the kitchen and the house 30 minutes before the family were due to show up for family lunch!!
I guess we all have those kitchen disasters at least .... once ...!!

Bronny said...
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Lee-Ann said...

oh bronny i remember your "incident" and no I didnt
I just had a dead chook sliding all over the floor

Chris said...

Somedays you just have the drops! I hope everything tasted great :0)

Bette said...

One Thanksgiving my mom took the fully cooked turkey on a platter, picked it then dropped it one the floor. She picked it up, washed it off and served it to about 20 people. Only 2 other people knew about it and she swore us to secrecy. Then there was the year the oven caught on fire and burned the turkey up. Oh, the memories you've broght up. LOL!