Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stash buying ...

At the Melbourne Quilt & Craft show yesterday.

The fab 4 met up for the day, and of course we found cake..
well muffins to eat.
we cant have a day out
together without cake of some sort ..

I have wanted this chart for years, and when I saw
it had been reduced by $35
I just had to get it ..then ...
because I didnt like
the Aida in it I went to
Stitches & Spice and
picked up this fabric to use.

and for someone who has just
decided to make a hexagon quilt
I went a little crazy buying farbic ..
and also encouraged by my wonderful
Fab 3 ..

and then I saw this .....
and of course what was i to do ..
but buy it !!
they ran out of the other panels,
but I can order that, or see if
the quilt shop has it.
they also had a quilt in the
Grinch that stole christmas ..
I need that too ...

oh and had to buy this soccer ball
fabric too.
cant go home without it ..

and then Helen gave me this ...
Noel by The Sweetheart tree ..
we both saw and loved it,
she brought it for me as a thankyou for giving her
 a zip bag I brought that was too big..
she didnt have to do it,
but love her that she did xx

then this is the
FAB 4 2012 GTG piece
Sweet Treats
by CNN.
we all purchased the fabric for this
project at stitches & spice.
Noami didnt have
3 pieces in the same colour at the show
so she is dying it for us and
coming by mail...
why 3 when there are 4 of us..

the Rebel of the Group ...Lissy
is an adaptor ..she likes to
tweek and modify her
work..and it always looks
so she has chosen a different
colour to  us ...

once again it was a great day,
chatting, shopping, eating ..
this is what we do well toether ...


coral said...

Thanks again for the lovely day. We love to encourage each other don't we ? love it !

xstliss said...

Never a dull moment when the 4 of us get together. We will have to do it again at a show that I am not rostered to work at. There is something coming up at Caulfield I think in September.. Could be something to think about.