Sunday, July 18, 2010

Melbourne Victory meets Sebs soccer ..

Kevin Muscat
?? & Seb & ??
No idea who they are but took a photo..
anyone ???

Everton V's Melbourne Heart

Tim Cahill

Louis Saha - Sebs favourite and he also plays for
Man U..
So I have been told as I am doing this

Seb went on Wednesday night
to see Everton from the UK V's Melbourne Heart
Everton won
He had a great time and I am still hearing about it ..

A dog party ...

For Milo ...
Madeline organised the 2nd birthday party for Milo,
granny & nana invited, fish & chips for tea,
with choc birthday cake..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Nan Floral 15 Biscornu ..

This is what I started and had all stiched up ready for the Fab 4 weekend so I
could piece together.
well its not as simple as you think !
Very fiddly and when you sew the bottom on the wrong way it doesnt work out LOL
So after undoing the bottom, and re-stitching it finally looks right.

Started May 2010, and completed 9/7/2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fab 4 weekend - its over ....

The weekend started at 11am Friday
when Helen, Coral and Lissy arrived.
After a quick chat, coffee and morning tea
we headed to the Quilting shop - Both Coral and Lissy quilt,
Helen and I admire ...
Then out of there and off to the cake decorating shop, this time Lissy admired, Coral Helen and I brought LOL
We stopped for lunch at the Moorabool Valley Chocolate tea room.
Beautiful setting, open fire and lots of chocolate ....
Angus beef pies and salad for Helen, Lissy and me, Coral -a toasted sandwhich.
Then we had to try the Spanish hot chocolate - based on a recipe from 1580 by Cortez
It was ok, but not the rich melted chocolate you can get. It had cinnamon, cloves and vanilla spices in it - the slice of cherry coconut pie was better ...

The outside of the tea room, which over looks the Morrabool valley and in the middle of a horse agistment farm. Driving to the tea rooms you pass the exercise yards - we assume they were for the horses only - not for us LOL

A few bottles to get us thru the weekend ....
The fab 4 were also very naughty - but loved them for it ...
they made up a basket of goodies for me to say thankyou for having them..
I would have them anytime and they know that..but they outdid themselves ..
A beautiful Anny Blatt Kid Mohair scarf knitted by Lissys mum

And this gorgeous accessory pillow by Coral..this girl is amazing with her stitching.
It also had beautiful little bits and bobs in the pockets, little makeup mirror, little scissors, thread, fabric, tape measure, needles, and the cutest little cupcake pins on top.

Its been hand embroidered all the way around ..

They also put in some cross stitch fabric

And Lissy brought us all the little lady scissors ...

Loved the little cupcake soap and notpad from Coral,
and then Helen spoilt me with the Macaron cookbook - love it

and also got me some Bubblegum food flavouring & bakers jam, which I cant get in Geelong
And them from USA foods in Melbourne -
my favourite red velevet cake mix, and a huge and I mean HUGE box of brownie mix, 2 bags Reese's peanut butter chips ..
I will treasure all this beautiful gifts from very special beautiful friends I have.
The weekend was also spent stitching - yes we between eating drinking, laughing, watching heaps cooking shows and having a great time.
2 very late nights and think even Milo - the dog needs an early night LOL
think they might be having a few withdrawals tonight with the sugar low they will be having after leaving all the chocolate and slices here ..
The cupcake soap in my cupcake stand...
I am so grateful for such beautiful and wonderful friends xxxx
p.s... the stiching I was doing will be posted as soon as its finished - hopefully this week.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fab 5 weekend

minus only Fab 4.
is about to start, they have left Melbourne
and will arrive here in about an hour.
I have been waiting for this weekend for so long.
Eating, drinking , laughing and of course stitching
but not sure how much -stitching I mean LOL

I can now show you these....Donuts....

I have one for each of the girls along with some other goodies

waiting on their beds ..

I had Ros a friend doing them for me, but when it took 6 days for the wool to arrive, we thought they aren't going to be back here in time.

So mum suggested a friend of hers, she finished them Tuesday, I went and picked them up, stuffed and beaded them.

So thanks so Ros for her help, and Evelyn who knitted them. xx

Hope the girls like them.