Friday, July 2, 2010

Fab 5 weekend

minus only Fab 4.
is about to start, they have left Melbourne
and will arrive here in about an hour.
I have been waiting for this weekend for so long.
Eating, drinking , laughing and of course stitching
but not sure how much -stitching I mean LOL

I can now show you these....Donuts....

I have one for each of the girls along with some other goodies

waiting on their beds ..

I had Ros a friend doing them for me, but when it took 6 days for the wool to arrive, we thought they aren't going to be back here in time.

So mum suggested a friend of hers, she finished them Tuesday, I went and picked them up, stuffed and beaded them.

So thanks so Ros for her help, and Evelyn who knitted them. xx

Hope the girls like them.


Bette said...

Very cute! And fat free too!

KAY said...

Love the donuts, Lee-Ann. Is there a recipe you would care to share. I bet they were a knockout and seems you all had a wonderful time.