Sunday, December 28, 2008

Introducing .....

My beautiful new nephew
Knox Zarc
26th December 2008
7pm, 7lbs 6 ozs,

one beautiful little boy for his aunty to love and spoil
congratualtions Chris & Corrine

Christmas 2008

The celebrations all started Christmas eve with a BBQ here, then "santa" made a special and quick visit to us.

Mum, my cousin, her daughter and my nephew all slept over. Kids asleep by 10.30pm, all sleep in the garage which we converted into a mini sleepover room. They were all so excited, not sure if it was a good thing for them to be all in one room.

Santa made his deliveries and the kids were awake by 6.30am checking out their santa sacks. We had to wait for my brother and his wife to arrive, she is pregnant and was due on the 20th Dec so they decided to sleep at their house incase anything happened.

All other family members here by 8am and opening all other presents. Both Mad & Seb were spoilt as usual getting a Wii like 100's of other families this year it seems ... it is so much fun, and santa also gave me a Wii fit. Seb got lego, lego, lego and more lego. a digital camera and bits and pieces.

Madeline got a pandora ( well look a lIke) one, a hair straightner, heaps of clothes, Mio pup, my life game ....

I was spoilt with 2 pandora charms - teddy bear & lady bird from both of them, mum also got me a pandora charm - "tree of life" , a Chanel no 5 gift set ....oh do I smell beautiful :-) and other bits and pieces, gift vouchers etc ...

We had the traditional hot lunch, chicken, ham ,pork, turkey, roast vegies cauli, broccolli, carrots, peas and beans. then the best part ..mums homemade plum pudding and custard ...

Boxing day was tea here again ...cold meats and salad, and then the usual and yummy trifle, cheesecake and pav.

it is also a tradition here to also have party poppers ...but with a difference.

Jon , my brother, unlce & cousin all get the poppers and the lolly - strawberry & cream and pack the top of the popper with the lolly. One "pops" the popper and the lolly "flies" while the other person is on the other side of the room and tries to catch the lolly in their mouth ...yes they can choke, my room is a mess but they have fun ... this year we had 150 poppers on christmas day, then the same boxing day. And the kids think its great to pop the streamers onto my ceiling fan.... can you imagine the mess ....but its fun

the christmas table

Madeline and special appearance by "SANTA"

Madeline with her hair straightner

Sebastian with his lego, lego, lego and more lego

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday 19th December 2008

What a day we had ...started by catching the train to Melbourne, then going to Crown casino to see the christmas display and lights, then into the city to see the Myer windows, McDonalds for tea....and then Madeline and myself going to see Kylie Minogue. While we where there Jon & Sebastian went to the drive in to see Madagascar 2 ...Sebs highlight was eating the popcorn in the car before the movie started ..then falling asleep 1/2 way thru. ..

this is how our day was spent ...

In front of Myer people were selling these reindeer ears for course they had to get a pair ... is that wall you call reindeer ears...a pair of ears ????
The theme of the windows was based on a book by Alan Snow
"How Santa Really Works"

Crown Casino Melbourne

We also went to see the light show and Christmas display at Crown Casino. After trying to find where it was and arriving to see heaps of people standing around, we asked and found out we only had 2 minutes to wait before it started. The main christmas tree changed colours, here a few versions.

Madeline & Sebastian

KYLIE 2008

For Madelines 10th birthday, we gave her ...and me a ticket to Kylie Minogue on December 19th.
This is Madeline at the concert last night, we were able to swap our tickets for front row centre seats ... we couldnt believe it. Couldnt have got any closer to her.I actually dont know why they have seats since we stood, danced and sang all night. didnt sit once. It started at 8pm and went to 10.50pm.

I was told I couldnt use my camera, almost went into a ugly face cry ....OMG i have front row seats and I cant take photos ...Nooooooooo...

Apprently my camera which isnt a SLR or anything was to large and the electrical thingies would interfer with the mikes, so used my phone. There were also heaps of couples ...all men and we got chatting to the 2 beside us and they said they would email us photos they took. hopefully they will as they took some of us as well.

We also had the chance to get a photo with Kylie ....
ok a Kylie impesonator ...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Busy weekend...

We had a busy weekend of craft and baking. The weather was totally miserable, so much rain so it was great indoors weekend.
Both made christmas decorations for the tree, Sebastian painted santa and his sleigh, Madeline put together a christmas tree, then we all made a gingerbread house and gingerbread men.

I don't think another lolly could fit on the roof before a cave in .....

The gingerbread house

The gingerbread men

Rudolf decoration

Santa and his sleigh

The christmas tree

Monday, December 8, 2008