Saturday, December 20, 2008

KYLIE 2008

For Madelines 10th birthday, we gave her ...and me a ticket to Kylie Minogue on December 19th.
This is Madeline at the concert last night, we were able to swap our tickets for front row centre seats ... we couldnt believe it. Couldnt have got any closer to her.I actually dont know why they have seats since we stood, danced and sang all night. didnt sit once. It started at 8pm and went to 10.50pm.

I was told I couldnt use my camera, almost went into a ugly face cry ....OMG i have front row seats and I cant take photos ...Nooooooooo...

Apprently my camera which isnt a SLR or anything was to large and the electrical thingies would interfer with the mikes, so used my phone. There were also heaps of couples ...all men and we got chatting to the 2 beside us and they said they would email us photos they took. hopefully they will as they took some of us as well.

We also had the chance to get a photo with Kylie ....
ok a Kylie impesonator ...

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