Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trophys & books ..

this post is a mish mash of things.

First up is Seb, he had his soccer team
presentation last night.
Pizza for tea, presentation of trophies & awards
 and a game against the parents ..
It was pouring and I mean pouring/belting down rain
and thunder & lightning
but they played a game ..NO i didnt go out
my hair would have looked terrible later
they put on the outside ground lights and played
for 40 mins .. all came in soaked ..
but all had a great time ..
pizza was delayed as the pizza shop lost power ...
but we finally did get it 2 hours later ..
Presentation of the trophies next.

Seb won the

2011 Best & Fairest.

they were all awared certificates and medals,
and 4 players trophies ..
He was quite proud of himslelf.
The club has their big
presentation day in October.

now for BOOKS...

 The new adriano Zumbo book is out..
and of course it needed it,
ok wanted it ...

 his macarons ..
 The man himself..
Adriano ...
 while getting Adrianos book
i saw this.. this isnt meant to be released
until Oct 4th ..
but I have a copy now ...
I love her show,
while in the U.S. last year
we went on a tour of Warner Bros studio & sound stages.
we saw 2 1/2 men, friends, ghost whisperer
cant think of the name - the one with Simon baker -saw that
being filmed.
and Ellens offices & gift shop  ....

but didnt see her  :-(
I could have got tickets to her show
but they werent available when we were there,
we had to stay a week longer ..i could have done that
but think the Visa wouldnt have handled it

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


watch out for this top...

 in the future...
ok a few more years..

Seb tried out for a soccer training acadamy position
on saturday , run by
Football Federation Victoria.
80 boys & girls tried out
for 24 spots..
guess who got in ....

 my superstar ..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mad & Seb ...

 no this is not his new hairstyle ...
its crazy hair day at school, and he needed a haircut
so we held off till last night and did a will be gone tonight.
He loved it, and its surprising how nice the
colour spray smells, he also glitters ..

so do I ... from the back spray ..
so today I am
*** SPARKLY ***

Seb , Mad & Mayah ..
looks like Mayah is studying
her big cousin .. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

another fab 4 day out...

The Fab 4
Helen, Coral, Melisa & myself
caught up again in Mebourne yesterday.
1st stop was
Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie
Little Collins St.

 this place is becoming our meeting place
and of course we have to have a macaron or 2 ...
Helens breakfast at the back
mine at the front
Mango -passionfruit macaron & french custard filled donut
& coffee.
After this, we then headed to Morris & Sons - another place we visit
only a strand of DMC purchsed there.
then onto Myer .. I was looking for
a new loose powder by MAC, neither Myer or David Jones had it  :-(
but Coral & Lissy got there glamour products ..
after that on to Brunetti's on the 3rd flr at Myer
for lunch..which was rather healthy for all of us
salad in some form ...
then walked to Flinders  st,  over the walk bridge,
then to Crown Casino,
no not to gamble but eat
Gelato ..
Tutto Bene
think this might be a regular on our places
to go list ..
we all the the most beautiful gelato
mine was
Cookies, Tira misu & chocolate
you could eat & eat this stuff ...
then back to the city centre to head on home.
Enjoyable day as always..
Until 5pm when I get the train home, which should take just over an hour.
4.50 no train,
4.55 we are told to move from platform 8 to 11 and catch the metlink to werribee..

we stop at several stations, some I have never heard off, then to werribee 1 hr later
 we are told to depart and walk out of station and buses will be waiting...
nothing train or bus, so about 200 of us are just standing around.
7.10pm another announcement that the 6pm Geelong train which was delayed
will stop but only for elderly & small children to get on as it's over crowded.

I finally get picked up at 7.20ish and by time I get my car home at 8.30pm

The rail employees at werribee said they had no idea what was going on and it wasn't their problem. Ok maybe not their problem, but
it would have been nice to have any info.
and while waiting  A divvy van pulled up , 1 policeman got out, then a  few minutes later 4 are pulling a scrawny skanky lady, I think in her 40's up the ramp and shove her into the back.. She screaming f this f that, they tell her to shut up and get in...
One had her bags,she has 2 big ones , and they tipped it out on the ground.. We could see all of it clearly
They were going thru it all and taking photos... No idea what of but we did see quite a few bags with white tablets.. So assuming a drug dealer...
so that was an intersting sight that I wouldnt want to see
again ..
and now ....
helen & I ordered copies of these each  - to save postage we ordered together
and she gave them to me yesterday ..

and we got our fabric for our
2012 GTG piece
Country Cottage Needleworks
Sweet treats

 the fabric is called...
Butter cream by Stiches & Spice
how appropriate is the name ??
Its a beautiful soft hand dyed creamish colour
 and gifts from Lissy to us all ..
and one more thing ..
back to reading again ..
I have heard to much about this book & movie
so thought I would read it first.
started it on the train on the way to Melb yesterday
and enjoying it so far ..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

bucket list, lucky, grateful ....

I have never written down a bucket list,
but thinking last night about it
I do have one.
And so grateful that I have been able to
fulfill a few of these ...

in no  particular order, and not all on my list but
we have been able to ..

Visit the U.K. and tour for 6 weeks

Take Seb & Mad to Disneyland in the US

Ride the tea cup ride in a pink tea cup

See the Hollywood sign, and drive down rodeo drive
concerts I/we have been to
Elton John
Robbie Williams
taken Mad to Kylie Minogue - twice with front row seats
&  Myley Cyrus
Tom Jones,
thats just recently
wont mention MC Hammer, Gloria estafan & the miami sound
also been able to take the kids to Queensland & theme parks -  3 times ..

meet Adriano Zumbo - pastry chef with my BFF

and now ......

Seb & I see David Beckham play ...

L.A. Galaxy Vs Melbourne Victory
Dec 6th ...
I have always fancied David, and when in the US
we went to the Home Depot Centre
home of
L.A. Galaxy

but didnt get to see him, or see the actual ground - secruity is very high
but Seb got to shop in the merchandise shop.
Seb has also told me I am NOT to run on the ground
to give him a hug & kiss ..that would be bad

I am so grateful I can do these things for my children
and myself ...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New stash ...woo hoo...

 I had to have this...ok didnt have to..but wanted it...
I love the colours of the thread..just beautiful ..
this is the 1st part of 3,
 next is released Sept & then november.

and I " needed" this too

sorry about the glare spot..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to the world...

Mayah Selina
7th September 2011
8lbs, 6 ozs.

A beautiful niece
 to love and cherish..

Madeline & Mayah

proud aunty & cousin xx

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A day out with my mum...

I went out for the day with my mum yesterday.
we havent been out together in a while, just the 2 of us.
1st stop i took her to was the quilting shop..yes I dont quilt
but needed to find some farbic & trim for Sebs stocking I have finally
finished. She fell in love with the shop, so many oohhs & ahhhs
from her, she even enquired about buying the quilts.. thought
i was going to score one instead of having to make it.  lol
we both fell in love with a little girls quilt.
It has cute little designs in hand embroidery .
The patterns are in a book, so instead of mum
buying the quilt she brought me the book ...
we have a new family member arriving in the family any day now,
no one is mentioning anything about it being a boy..
we are all hoping for a girl .. we only have 1 girl, Mad so
far out of 4 .. but if it is a boy, he is still be
dearly loved..and there is a boy pattern in the
book too

 this is the book ...
 bit hard to see the photos
with the glare ..but they are beautiful..
 oh and I got this too ...
I saw it made up and its so cute,
and I love anything to do with
its my favourite time of year..apart from
both Mad & Sebs birthdays ..
 once again the glare is there ..
and hard to see the little characters ..

after leaving the shop ..and yes with what I needed,
plus more
we went to a really nice pub for lunch,
nicer for lunch then dinner as they have live bands at night
and not a place to meet friends for a chat ..
we usually meet my brother & sil there too,
 & mum often goes with her sister & friends ..
we walk in , sit down, we know the waitress
as she is friends with my brother & SIL
she asks mum " maz your usual.. a shandy ?" ...
OMG my mum is known in the pub

we had a really nice toasted BLT with chicken & advocado and
the best chips/fries ..

the waitress then bring us out 2 pieces
of sticky date pudding .. last time mum went in
it was her friends birthday, she made one of her cream sponges.
There was heaps left over and the birthday
girl couldnt take it home, and mum didnt want it.
so the waitress, chef & pub owner
came out and had some.
The owner was there yesteday, recognised mum
and gave us the dessert as a thankyou ..

a very nice and filling lunch.

then onto dmc thread in the colour
I wanted, mum picked up more wool ..for a non knitter
as she calls herself she is worse than me for her
collection of wool...

then a quick stop at k-mart, supermarket
and back home ..

great day out with my mum ..