Saturday, September 3, 2011

A day out with my mum...

I went out for the day with my mum yesterday.
we havent been out together in a while, just the 2 of us.
1st stop i took her to was the quilting shop..yes I dont quilt
but needed to find some farbic & trim for Sebs stocking I have finally
finished. She fell in love with the shop, so many oohhs & ahhhs
from her, she even enquired about buying the quilts.. thought
i was going to score one instead of having to make it.  lol
we both fell in love with a little girls quilt.
It has cute little designs in hand embroidery .
The patterns are in a book, so instead of mum
buying the quilt she brought me the book ...
we have a new family member arriving in the family any day now,
no one is mentioning anything about it being a boy..
we are all hoping for a girl .. we only have 1 girl, Mad so
far out of 4 .. but if it is a boy, he is still be
dearly loved..and there is a boy pattern in the
book too

 this is the book ...
 bit hard to see the photos
with the glare ..but they are beautiful..
 oh and I got this too ...
I saw it made up and its so cute,
and I love anything to do with
its my favourite time of year..apart from
both Mad & Sebs birthdays ..
 once again the glare is there ..
and hard to see the little characters ..

after leaving the shop ..and yes with what I needed,
plus more
we went to a really nice pub for lunch,
nicer for lunch then dinner as they have live bands at night
and not a place to meet friends for a chat ..
we usually meet my brother & sil there too,
 & mum often goes with her sister & friends ..
we walk in , sit down, we know the waitress
as she is friends with my brother & SIL
she asks mum " maz your usual.. a shandy ?" ...
OMG my mum is known in the pub

we had a really nice toasted BLT with chicken & advocado and
the best chips/fries ..

the waitress then bring us out 2 pieces
of sticky date pudding .. last time mum went in
it was her friends birthday, she made one of her cream sponges.
There was heaps left over and the birthday
girl couldnt take it home, and mum didnt want it.
so the waitress, chef & pub owner
came out and had some.
The owner was there yesteday, recognised mum
and gave us the dessert as a thankyou ..

a very nice and filling lunch.

then onto dmc thread in the colour
I wanted, mum picked up more wool ..for a non knitter
as she calls herself she is worse than me for her
collection of wool...

then a quick stop at k-mart, supermarket
and back home ..

great day out with my mum ..

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