Wednesday, September 14, 2011

bucket list, lucky, grateful ....

I have never written down a bucket list,
but thinking last night about it
I do have one.
And so grateful that I have been able to
fulfill a few of these ...

in no  particular order, and not all on my list but
we have been able to ..

Visit the U.K. and tour for 6 weeks

Take Seb & Mad to Disneyland in the US

Ride the tea cup ride in a pink tea cup

See the Hollywood sign, and drive down rodeo drive
concerts I/we have been to
Elton John
Robbie Williams
taken Mad to Kylie Minogue - twice with front row seats
&  Myley Cyrus
Tom Jones,
thats just recently
wont mention MC Hammer, Gloria estafan & the miami sound
also been able to take the kids to Queensland & theme parks -  3 times ..

meet Adriano Zumbo - pastry chef with my BFF

and now ......

Seb & I see David Beckham play ...

L.A. Galaxy Vs Melbourne Victory
Dec 6th ...
I have always fancied David, and when in the US
we went to the Home Depot Centre
home of
L.A. Galaxy

but didnt get to see him, or see the actual ground - secruity is very high
but Seb got to shop in the merchandise shop.
Seb has also told me I am NOT to run on the ground
to give him a hug & kiss ..that would be bad

I am so grateful I can do these things for my children
and myself ...

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Chris said...

Great List. Lots to be thankful for!