Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the countdown is ready to begin

tomorrow ...
1st Dec 2010 ...
24 days till Santa xx
Chocolate frogs for both, and lucky Seb has a lego one ..
but think there might be a few missing frogs in some of the days ..
mum cant miss out ...lol

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas decorating has begun ...

Ok so we aren't meant to decorate our brother ..

My 2 most favourite people in the world
Seb & Mad xx

The christmas tree

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family party time..,

Mad loved her cake, and so did everyone else ..
Mad & Seb ..

Mad, me & Seb xx
happy 12th birthday Mad

12 years of Madeline ....

Madelines 12th birthday

The Birthday Girl ...
12 today ..

Her birthday cake she wanted..
so she got it, with the help of Nana - my mum
we made the profiteroles last night
and I assembled it today ..
never again !

Slight hiccup ..fork stuck in the toffee..
but no burnt fingers ..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GTG project for 2011

this is Just Nans
Gingerbread scissor stocking.
We will all get it stitched before we
catch up in 2011 and put it together..
We have also added a few recruits
for the Jim Shores 12 days christmas - starting 1.1.2011
Lizzie Kates Boo Club - starting 1.12.2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

The COOL mum award goes to my mum

Because over the years ....
she sat on the kitchen floor teaching my brother to smoke a cigarrette
and blow smoke rings
cultivating and loving my brothers marijuana plant from a seedling
to a huge bush that got to big to keep inside.
smoking a joint with me, my brother, aunty & cousins on
a beautiful Sunday afternoon outside.
and the latest but it wont be the last..
picking up a
"The Art of Being Smart
Free Condom Project" condom
on Saturday and giving it to me ....
thanks mum xx
and the list does go on ...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Girls BIG day out to celebrate

I went to Melbourne with Madeline and my mum, to catch up with
Coral to celebrate her BIG 50th on Thursday.
Of course Helen and Lissy were there along with their beautiful
daughters Megan & Candice ..Mad love them both
1st stop as meant to be KoKo Black, but it wasnt open,
but lucky for us just around the corner was another devine
chocolate cafe we found - even better that KoKo.
I think it was called Chokolait ... heaven ...

then to Corals surprise ( she is in pink) of to the Hopetoun tea rooms in the
block arcade for High Tea ..
Now that was heaven ... a 3 tiered stand with
fresh fruit
& of course -sweets ..
then came the fresh warm home made scones ...

Candice behind the treats ...

we also couldnt go past Haighs - it was also a stalling point
before we went to the tea rooms at 11.
Mad just loved these "little" frogs, but at $20 each, we gave them a miss.

Oh heaven - scones ..she is my daughter and I have trained
her well ....lol
home by 6pm and a fantastic day out also visiting our usual
haunts and back to Chokolait for afternoon tea.. we were getting thirsty ..

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another start..then a few more later on ...

Started LK Dog Lessons for people
today. After finishing Tall Sundae yesterday
it felt weird not to have anything to sit and stitch,
also because both children are home sick
with some cold/flu bug going around.
We watched Elf again ( think I have seen it at least 7 times )
its always a good laugh ..love the bit where he puts the star on the tree..
and a few other dvd's ...
as at 5th November 2010

then after Dog Lessons
I am starting
LK Halloween double flip its,
have thread and fabric all ready to go
Just love the colours in this, even though we dont celebrate
Halloween I love it.
When Seb was little he loved 60's episodes of Batman & Robin, still does
and we would have to get anything with a Bat on it.
So now when I see Bats -I see him ...

THEN .....

starting 1st January 2011 ...
(57 days away incase anyone needed to know lol )
I am starting a SAL (Stitch-A-Long)
with my BFF - Helen and another international
stitching friend Kerry-Jo.
We will be doing it together, good motivation
to keep each other moving along.
If anyone else wants to join in, let me know
I will ask their permission to keep an update with photos from us all
on here ...so watch out 1st January 2011...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finishes ...

Tall Sundae
09/07/2009 - 04/11/2010

LK Double Flip its
finished inbetween stitching
tall sundae