Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Madeline

The day has finally arrived. We were woken up at 6.03am again. After opening all presents, clothes, books, hair dryer and accessories, roxy backpack and the eyeclops she wanted, we were out looking at 6.45am for bugs....the eyeclops is like a microscope that you plug into your t.v. and it enlarges the image 200 times. Never knew that bugs are so ugly and hairy. Even our skin looks creepy. But Madeline loves it.
After a breakfast of croissants - her choice, we got ready for the BBQ lunch. It was drizzling early in the morning, but turned into a beautiful day.
One very spoilt 9 year old. A golf bangle from nanna, p.j's and sandals from granny & grandpa, heaps of Roxy clothes - the "IN' thing at the minute. More clothes and money. I can see a shopping spree coming on.
So after a weekend of 2 parties, 2 birthday cakes , party food, bbq, pav, cheesecake and dips, the birthday girl is in bed at 7.30pm alseep....
Happy Birthday Madeline xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy 9th Birthday Madeline xxxx

Birthday party Number 1.

Yes we have more than 1 party! Friday night Madeline had a pyjama party with 4 girls, 2 slept over. We had games and lots of party food. The girls got their hair braided with beads and decorated wooded initials. The 3 girls finally got to sleep just after 10.30pm and were awake at 6.13am - I know the time cause I thought they had slept in....silly me !

Sunday is the BIG day - turning 9, where have all those years gone ??? Our beautiful little girl is growing up.

So Sunday morning we will be up early again to open up the presents and get ready for party number 2.

We are having 24 here for a family bbq lunch. No doubt the birthday girl will be spoilt as usual. I cant help it, she is only 9 once ...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jump Mania and Demolition Derby.

Today is totally miserable outside, its hasnt stopped raining since last night. We need the rain, but not this much at once !
Finally got photos from my phone to the computer - Jon had to do it as I had no idea, so we are a week behind.

Last Saturday we went to see Jump Mania in Melbourne. Jon dropped Madeline and myself in the city while him and Sebastian found a park close the Rod Laver Arena. We headed off to Myer, checked out the Christmas decorations - could have spent a fortune, then to the book dept - a favourite of us both, she ended up getting a book of course - mummy can't say no to that. Then Madeline thought she was so "cool" as she got " sprayed " by one of the perfume ladies with Kylie Minogues new scent. Then we had to go and try out Gwen Steffani - sprayed that on a piece of card. Which is now her bookmark !

Met back with Jon and Seb at Minatour - Sebastians favourite shop - AKA - The bat Shop. We spend at least 1/2 - 1 hr in there looking and waiting for Sebastian to decide what to buy.

We had tea in the city then onto the show.Sebastian was so excited to go as they had the Monster Bat mobile truck, and Monster Scooby Doo truck. Finally started, all the trucks came out, then it was the Batmobiles turn to crush the cars. He went over it 3 times and on the last time, the truck got caught on the last car, which rolled over and cut the fuel to steer the trucks front wheels. So that was the end of the Bat mobile :-(

They also had guys on motor bikes jumping of ramps and doing tricks. Then the Scooby Doo truck came out and did exactly the same thing as the Batmobile, but it was the back wheels. Then it was time for the Delicious derby - as Seb called it. The kids loved seeing the cars going backwards and ramming into each other.