Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Madeline

The day has finally arrived. We were woken up at 6.03am again. After opening all presents, clothes, books, hair dryer and accessories, roxy backpack and the eyeclops she wanted, we were out looking at 6.45am for bugs....the eyeclops is like a microscope that you plug into your t.v. and it enlarges the image 200 times. Never knew that bugs are so ugly and hairy. Even our skin looks creepy. But Madeline loves it.
After a breakfast of croissants - her choice, we got ready for the BBQ lunch. It was drizzling early in the morning, but turned into a beautiful day.
One very spoilt 9 year old. A golf bangle from nanna, p.j's and sandals from granny & grandpa, heaps of Roxy clothes - the "IN' thing at the minute. More clothes and money. I can see a shopping spree coming on.
So after a weekend of 2 parties, 2 birthday cakes , party food, bbq, pav, cheesecake and dips, the birthday girl is in bed at 7.30pm alseep....
Happy Birthday Madeline xxxxxxxxx

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