Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy 9th Birthday Madeline xxxx

Birthday party Number 1.

Yes we have more than 1 party! Friday night Madeline had a pyjama party with 4 girls, 2 slept over. We had games and lots of party food. The girls got their hair braided with beads and decorated wooded initials. The 3 girls finally got to sleep just after 10.30pm and were awake at 6.13am - I know the time cause I thought they had slept in....silly me !

Sunday is the BIG day - turning 9, where have all those years gone ??? Our beautiful little girl is growing up.

So Sunday morning we will be up early again to open up the presents and get ready for party number 2.

We are having 24 here for a family bbq lunch. No doubt the birthday girl will be spoilt as usual. I cant help it, she is only 9 once ...

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