Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Wonderful day ....

It was my birthday ....
and spoilt again.

I have no reason why..but this photo keeps going sideways.
so just turn your head slightly.
A cupcake apron from Sharon L
Cupcake book from Michele
Mad, Seb and me

Iphone doc from Mad & Seb.
Pudding book and money from my mum
Book from Sharon P.
Coffee with mum and my aunty this afternoon, then tea at mums tonight.
Just brother, SIL, and nephews.
My favourite -crumbed chops ...and of course mums Jelly sponge.
Cream sponge with jelly in the middle, and covered in jelly and coconut.
None left ...
A wonderful day xxx

Monday, April 26, 2010

Seb Tyler and Knox

taken 7 years apart
L -Tyler, R -Sebastian
April 2003
Knox April 2010
wearing Sebs pyjamas.
Tyler and Knox -brothers, father Chris -my brother
Seb cousin.
think there is a family resemblance ??

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sebs outdoor soccer debut

Breakwater Eagles
4 goals for the game.
They lost 5 -6.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

mmmmm Donuts freshly baked today ..

But Cupcake ones ....
Two of the Fab 5 have made these.
Coral made these at her cake decorating class,
shared the recipe, then Helen made then the other day.
After hunting Geelong for bakers jam and no success.
I adapted the recipe from piping jam in, to cooking it in the middle of the cupcake.
topped with cinnamon sugar.
well the kids waited 5 mins before taste testing.
I made them wait that long incase the jam was scalding hot !
not the best photo - another fuzzy one,
but the jam in the middle.
Seb is hovering for more, with the comments
"they are sooooo yum mum " ..

Thanks Coral for sharing, and Helen for telling me how yum they are xx

Thursday, April 22, 2010

UFO sighting over Geelong

This video was taken by a family friend on Monday night from his balcony overlooking Highton in Geelong, Australia.

UFO or what ??? let me know what you think

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cake decorating classes.

3 of them ...
Starting the end July and going thru to September I have signed up for 3 classes.
1st Class - 2 weeks
Starburst cake,
learn how to level, prepare and cover a cake, them make paste wired stars and decorate with cutouts.
2nd class - 4 weeks
Magical fairies and flowers.
ice and decorate a cake with flowers and fairies made out of moulding paste.
3rd class - 4 weeks
Lost in space.
ice and decorate a rugged lunar landing site, complete with astronaut, frightening alien, UFO, and space ship.
think i am going to be busy..get ready for photos starting August.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Gingher Freedom Scissors

After a Fab 5 emailing session, and Corals influence
Helen and I orderd these Gingher Scissors
to use the Disneyland Fobs on.
so now 3 of the 5 have matching scissors LOL
with the Minnie Mouse fob from

I have the Mia Ginghers and Helen has Kriss Ginghers and they are still in the box and never used.
But these are out and ready to go .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

8 done 4 to go ..

Sunday 18th April.
LK's Inspire Double Flip its.
and of course it needs an iron when finished.
Just moving it up ..

Recipe #2

From the Womens Weekly
Classic Cakes
One bowl Chocolate cake.

with the assistance of Sebastian with the icing and decorating ..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a Thursday !

Well to start with my computer has decided to chuck a wobbly and do its own thing, so between Mads netbook and my Iphone, and when the computer decideds to co-operate I can do things ...
like buy stuff from the Silver Needle LOL
I ordered SB Purple snowman, floss and thread for LHN -Princess and the P,
floss and thread for LK - dog lessons,
plus a 6x6 qsnap ..not bad for a " I have 5 mins before this computer cracks it ' haha

I then went to work to pay for this stash haul, and got a phone call 1/2 way into my shift from Jon saying his dad had passed away suddenly. So left to pick up the kids and tell them their only grandpa is no longer with us. Mad burst into tears, Seb he went out and kicked the soccer ball for an hour and wouldnt come in ..poor things.

Jon is getting thru it, think they are all in shock, we didnt think he would go this quick, and fast. they think it was a heart attack or stroke. I can say it was quick and he had no pain.

So feeling very down last night, i had a great pick me up from 4 beautiful friends, we emailed over 140 messages to each other, shared what we were eating, drinking, licking ( haha) and then enabling each other to buy Freedom Gingher scissors - that was Corals fault ! She got them to match the Minnie Mouse fob I brought the Fab 5 back then Helen and I had to get them, Melisa brought other stuff and Kristeen chickened out as she is going over to the US soon and I assume will bring back more than a pair of scissors. As soon as they arrive i will post a photo.

so thanks girls for a wonderful evening and all my other dear friends emailing and txting you all xxx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Fabulous 5 girls day out ..

Last Saturday the fab 5 - Helen, Coral Kristeen, Melisa and me .
had a day out in Melbourne.
Visits to cake decorating shops, a cross stich/wool shop the girls found in their last adventure.
cupcake shops , coffee shops ..
we had a fabulous day.
While at one of the Cake deco shops the girls found these bags of
Lindt Chocolate, thought they would pick up a bag or too
for our next adventure in July LOL

Helen & Coral..with their supply haha

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April recipe ...

Ghirardelli Choc Chip cookies ..

from the recipe book I brought home along with the

choc chips from the US.

Eunice Ada Drucilla Chenoweth

This is my Great Grandmother that I mentioned in the post below.
thought I would show you all a photo of her.
If she was still alive she would still be cooking LOL
This is her recipe book and her Christmas pudding recipe.

Monday, April 5, 2010

My cook books.....

This is my collection of cook books..
total number is 101 !!
Is that bad ???
The top right red book is my Great grandmother
Eunice Ada Drucilla Chenoweth,
handwritten recipe book in a diary dated 1948.
She was a chef in the Royal Adelaide Hotel many many many years ago.
I remember when I was young, going to her place and eating her home made ice-cream, her tomato, cucumber and onion salad - which my pop had grown.
Her silverside with home made white sauce, her puddings and the best scones you would have ever had.
whipped up whenever guests arrived, announced or not,served with her homemade jams.
I also have her and Pops Royal Adelaide show ribbons and certificates
they won when showing home grown produce or cooking.
It has the christmas cake and boiled christmas pudding she made every year, until she wasnt able to anymore.
My mum took over the pudding making and now I make the cakes. Its something I will cherish forever.
Some I have inherited from my mum and G Great grandmother, some are cake decorating and the rest are Womens Weekly's, Jamie Oliver, Nigella ..
can i be a Domestic Godess like her ??
After looking at them all, and I love cooking, my goal for this year and hopefully for many to come, is to ...
cook at least 1 recipe from a different cook book every month.
I will blog here when I do ...a bit like Julie & Julia - modified version ..and yes I do have Julia Childs french cooking made easy book LOL
and as of today curtesy of one of my good friends ..and she knows who she is ( Coral )
the total now is 102 !

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter ...

And the Bunny has been ...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Red Velvet Cake ...

I brought a packet of Red Velvet cake mix home from the US to try.
made it today for dessert, but kids had to sample it, just to make sure it was ok for dessert LOL
very red in colour, not much taste, just a plain cake,iced it with
cream chesse frosting which gave it a bit more umpf!