Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a Thursday !

Well to start with my computer has decided to chuck a wobbly and do its own thing, so between Mads netbook and my Iphone, and when the computer decideds to co-operate I can do things ...
like buy stuff from the Silver Needle LOL
I ordered SB Purple snowman, floss and thread for LHN -Princess and the P,
floss and thread for LK - dog lessons,
plus a 6x6 qsnap ..not bad for a " I have 5 mins before this computer cracks it ' haha

I then went to work to pay for this stash haul, and got a phone call 1/2 way into my shift from Jon saying his dad had passed away suddenly. So left to pick up the kids and tell them their only grandpa is no longer with us. Mad burst into tears, Seb he went out and kicked the soccer ball for an hour and wouldnt come in ..poor things.

Jon is getting thru it, think they are all in shock, we didnt think he would go this quick, and fast. they think it was a heart attack or stroke. I can say it was quick and he had no pain.

So feeling very down last night, i had a great pick me up from 4 beautiful friends, we emailed over 140 messages to each other, shared what we were eating, drinking, licking ( haha) and then enabling each other to buy Freedom Gingher scissors - that was Corals fault ! She got them to match the Minnie Mouse fob I brought the Fab 5 back then Helen and I had to get them, Melisa brought other stuff and Kristeen chickened out as she is going over to the US soon and I assume will bring back more than a pair of scissors. As soon as they arrive i will post a photo.

so thanks girls for a wonderful evening and all my other dear friends emailing and txting you all xxx


coral said...

....and then we found Skype

Kim said...

Condolences on the passing of Jon's dad Lee-Ann. Sending you all big cyber hugs!