Saturday, April 24, 2010

mmmmm Donuts freshly baked today ..

But Cupcake ones ....
Two of the Fab 5 have made these.
Coral made these at her cake decorating class,
shared the recipe, then Helen made then the other day.
After hunting Geelong for bakers jam and no success.
I adapted the recipe from piping jam in, to cooking it in the middle of the cupcake.
topped with cinnamon sugar.
well the kids waited 5 mins before taste testing.
I made them wait that long incase the jam was scalding hot !
not the best photo - another fuzzy one,
but the jam in the middle.
Seb is hovering for more, with the comments
"they are sooooo yum mum " ..

Thanks Coral for sharing, and Helen for telling me how yum they are xx

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