Sunday, September 18, 2011

another fab 4 day out...

The Fab 4
Helen, Coral, Melisa & myself
caught up again in Mebourne yesterday.
1st stop was
Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie
Little Collins St.

 this place is becoming our meeting place
and of course we have to have a macaron or 2 ...
Helens breakfast at the back
mine at the front
Mango -passionfruit macaron & french custard filled donut
& coffee.
After this, we then headed to Morris & Sons - another place we visit
only a strand of DMC purchsed there.
then onto Myer .. I was looking for
a new loose powder by MAC, neither Myer or David Jones had it  :-(
but Coral & Lissy got there glamour products ..
after that on to Brunetti's on the 3rd flr at Myer
for lunch..which was rather healthy for all of us
salad in some form ...
then walked to Flinders  st,  over the walk bridge,
then to Crown Casino,
no not to gamble but eat
Gelato ..
Tutto Bene
think this might be a regular on our places
to go list ..
we all the the most beautiful gelato
mine was
Cookies, Tira misu & chocolate
you could eat & eat this stuff ...
then back to the city centre to head on home.
Enjoyable day as always..
Until 5pm when I get the train home, which should take just over an hour.
4.50 no train,
4.55 we are told to move from platform 8 to 11 and catch the metlink to werribee..

we stop at several stations, some I have never heard off, then to werribee 1 hr later
 we are told to depart and walk out of station and buses will be waiting...
nothing train or bus, so about 200 of us are just standing around.
7.10pm another announcement that the 6pm Geelong train which was delayed
will stop but only for elderly & small children to get on as it's over crowded.

I finally get picked up at 7.20ish and by time I get my car home at 8.30pm

The rail employees at werribee said they had no idea what was going on and it wasn't their problem. Ok maybe not their problem, but
it would have been nice to have any info.
and while waiting  A divvy van pulled up , 1 policeman got out, then a  few minutes later 4 are pulling a scrawny skanky lady, I think in her 40's up the ramp and shove her into the back.. She screaming f this f that, they tell her to shut up and get in...
One had her bags,she has 2 big ones , and they tipped it out on the ground.. We could see all of it clearly
They were going thru it all and taking photos... No idea what of but we did see quite a few bags with white tablets.. So assuming a drug dealer...
so that was an intersting sight that I wouldnt want to see
again ..
and now ....
helen & I ordered copies of these each  - to save postage we ordered together
and she gave them to me yesterday ..

and we got our fabric for our
2012 GTG piece
Country Cottage Needleworks
Sweet treats

 the fabric is called...
Butter cream by Stiches & Spice
how appropriate is the name ??
Its a beautiful soft hand dyed creamish colour
 and gifts from Lissy to us all ..
and one more thing ..
back to reading again ..
I have heard to much about this book & movie
so thought I would read it first.
started it on the train on the way to Melb yesterday
and enjoying it so far ..


Chris said...

Looks like an amazingly fab day!! everything looks just perfect.
Sweet treats, beautiful stash and a great book.

coral said...

We always have a wonderful time ...I was surprised at how warm it was.

Vicky said...

Sounds like a fabulous time was held by all. Oh and BTW I just got the three same magazines in the mail as you LOL

xstliss said...

Tutto Bene's for lunch next time??