Tuesday, August 30, 2011

my great grandmothers work...

I found this while cleaning up
on the weekend. i forgot I had it.
My Great Grandmother
 Euncie Ada Drucella
made it. No idea when though.

its made from old greeting cards, covered
in a plastic then crocheted together.

the outside has faded a fair bit, but the inside still
bright and beautiul.
I can remember she used to keep this on her dresser in her room
and it was full of bobby pins and hair nets. she had long very thin grey hair.
she would plait it every morning, the plait would be
half way down her back, then she would roll it into a bun
and place bobby pins in it to keep it in place, then
a hair net over the top.
The hair net..i have no idea why she wore these ..

she was also a cook..not a chef back in her day
in an Adelaide hotel.
She was a fantastic cook, she is the one who made the
christmas puddings.
she also crocheted, i have a few of her doilies around somewhere.
she also crocheted a huge afghan.
when she died, my uncle took it..no idea why as he hadnt seen
her in over 10 years.
I contacted his family when he died a few years later
to see if they still had the afghan..
no they gave it to the dog as a blanket, then threw it away !!!!

So I am glad I still have all the photos, her recipe books
and other little treasures I can keep safe ..


Julie said...

What a treasure and such great memories!

Chris said...

That is a treasure. You are very lucky to have this and such wonderful memories.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What a fun treasure!